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    You guys have always been knowledgeable so I have a question. I am looking at buying a pre-2000 two-stroke to ride in Ohio public lands. The title law in Ohio didn’t come in until 1999, so how does a person go about getting a state APV permit for a non-titled bike? The BMV is basically useless and tells me that it’s illegal to sell a bike in Ohio without a title. Can someone give me some guidance here? I know people are riding pre-2000 bikes in the state forests. How?
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    Call Wayne Nat'l Forest Ranger station. They may be able to help.

    Anecdotal: I had an 88CR250 back in the day (98-99ish). Didn't have a title, wrote up a bill of sale w/serial #s, price etc. Took it into the BMV and got a registration for it. This allowed me to get an APV sticker.

    It seems the BMV is hit or miss on a lot of things. Bought a street titled CRF. Went to a BMV, they changed the title into my name, and "fixed" it for me, making it an off-road title! Thanks there for nothing.
    Took that title to a different BMV, they gladly changed it over to a street title.

    So shop around, find a BMV that'll work for you. Doesn't seem like they're all on the same page, so you need to find one that knows your particular dealy-o.

    Very Ohio.
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    Most people use the two terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between the BMV and the title bureau. You need to deal with the title bureau.
    In Ohio, before 99 dirt bikes still had Manufacturer Certificates of Origin. After 99, if you were going to sell that bike, you are supposed to convert the MCO to a real title, then conduct the transaction. If you need a OHV sticker, then you are correct that have to have a title.
    The other post is correct. You will get a different answer or response at each place. so it may pay to call the main office and a satellite office. If whoever your buying it from owned it since before 99 and lost the MCO or came into Ohio from a state that didn't require a title, some of the title offices will just conduct a "title search" and check to see if its ever been titled in Ohio. If it hasn't ever been titled in Ohio, they can just issue him a title. They may ask for some type of proof of ownership. Then he can sell it to you, you pay the tax on the transaction and get the title in your name.