Tom Tom Rider 550 Tips,Tricks and ShiTZ

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by Traxx, Dec 7, 2018.

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    I just received my TT Rider 550 a few days ago. I am looking for what has worked for you, how you did it and what hasn’t worked for you.
    I did try the Tom Tom forum and it was less than helpful.
    I have it mounted via the Triumph GPS mount so that it is above the gauges and is easily reachable and does not block the view of the gauges.
    So far routing is fast as is the power up.
    I like the integrated search function.
    Running with out a route is not so good. No auto zoom or POI’s. Maybe I am doing it wrong.
    Some WIFI issues during updates. Ended up using the computer and a usb cable. Seems like it was losing WiFi connection.

    I have been using my phone for the last few years for nav after Garmin PISSED me off. So I am not really used to a dedicated GPS. Let me know if I am expecting to much.
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    I had hoped this topic would have taken off.