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    Go to Google maps

    Click Get Directions
    Plan your route
    Click the Blue Get Directions Box
    Go to bottom of directions list and click Save to my maps
    Click the dropdown box and click create new map
    Click Save
    You will see KML next to a small blue box , click and save to desktop
    or other file.

    Once you have a .kml file you need find a program to convert this so
    your sat nav can read it , i use Tyre to Travel , its free to download
    an does a good job.

    Just import your route planning from the .kml file and you can save it
    direct to your Tom Tom Rider
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    Tyre and TomTom are an excellent duo. On the latest Tom Tom Rider 5, Tyre is integrated. Biggest plus: it also enables the Tom Tom Rider to make tracklogs, something which was not possible in the Tom Tom Urban Rider.

    The Rider 5 comes also with unlimited free map updates.

    On the older tomtom rider (or even the TomTom Go and One) you can convert ANY Garmin based *.gdb route without the lost of route points by using a device from the Dutch Transalpclub called 'Hermanizer':

    In my modest opinion, the best SatNav you can get on a motorcycle. I love the 'Plan Winding Route' option. Its BRILLIANT!

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    I've just picked up a brand new rider v5 premium kit, brand new for £150. Best money I've spent in a long time.
    After doing a 2420 mile trip from Scotland to Italy and around Austria, Switzerland and Germany with my old go720 which played up pretty much the whole trip it was a no brainer.
    The tyre software looks easy to use and I love the winding roads, even took me a special route locally made me go "aah, that's where that road goes" and I've lived here all my life haha