Tomtom Rider 2nd Ed revived from the dead

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    Aug 9, 2015
    As a 'free bonus' with the Transalp I bought in Germany I received a long factory unsupported and 'can't read maps' bricked TT Rider 2.
    Call me pig headed and stubborn, but I persevered with finding info/forums/updates/hacks to this old mule. And bugger me days - at the end of it I now have a working GPS with current maps of a fair part of the entire world loaded onto it.
    The original TT2 is severely limited with its 32MB memory, 2GB card, out of date maps, small limited resolution screen, limited features. Some of this can't be changed. a way. Now running navcore 9.5, bootloader 5.2something, recognising a 16GB SD card, current working maps of Europe, Greece, Israel, Middle East, all of Africa loaded on with plenty of space for more, GPS fix so it boots up and finds its location pretty quick, my own boot up and shut down images. Yeah - its still a dinosaur, but a living breathing one. And free. And IP7 waterproof. And ram mount. And charges on the bike (after a wee issue with the docking cradle board).

    So you DONT HAVE to get sucked into TomTom's "lifetime unlimited map updates" (only till they decide not to support anymore) bullshit buy another one mentality. I don't care that I can't watch Oprah, knit, send emails, talk to my buddies (I travel solo anyway), take phone calls, get news weather radar political turmoil live updates - although it probably can do some of those now! I can route my bluetooth hearing aids thru it to get voice directions, but I dont. It talks to my phone and tells me if I have messages and emails - woo hoo (less than enthusiastically).

    Take heart you stingy, old school, cheap ass bastards like me out there. You don't have to stuff paper maps in the tank bag top pocket any more. But I still!

    EDIT: I lied. I've got a 32GB SD card in it. Today...hmm, do I have that map of Albania loaded on? (since Turkey is pretty close to war with both Syria and Iraq all those Mid East maps are a bit redundant until the sandpit dust has settled). For those keen on Frankenhacking their older Tomtoms back to life - visit the GPS-Power forum
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    Thanks for posting this! I'll check that forum out. After my Garmin 2610 bit the dust (can I blame it after ~15 years?) I dug up my wife's old Rider 2nd ed. to use as a replacement a few hours ago. It still turns on and is charging now. I don't want to purchase a new GPS while contemplating a bike upgrade (used R12R LC maybe...?).
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    Truly, I haven’t been happy with a Gzrmin since the 2610.