Tourtech "compact" Roadbook holder

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by docgonzo, Mar 16, 2002.

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    Mar 1, 2002
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    I searched the site, and came up with no threads on this.

    Was curious if anyone has mounted one of these on there bar for routine day trip routing? My club hands out route sheets for the tank bags, but I find them hard to read and a pain when you have to turn the page.

    This roller thingie looks like a good idea, and the compact version allows you to see your dashboard stuff.

    Also, is that roadbook software fun to play with?

    later, barry
  2. dik

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    Feb 16, 2002
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    greetings from sunny ??? england

    i have the compact roadbook holder on my 1100 gs

    very nice, but as its touratech overpriced.

    i modified the mounting, but can not remember why ?

    i dont think its the sort of thing everyone would get on with but i personally wouldnt be without it now.
    initially i had to get a replacement cover as it leaked, so i would recommend getting a spare one just in case.
    also it does get some condensation, a little bag of that silica ?? stuff often found in packaging, dropped in solves this.

    the lighting initially appears crap, but come dark it works great.

    i would love to upgrade to the electric version, but as you say it is a bit large, and more importantly grossly overpriced.

    i got tired of constantly stopping to turn maps over, and you cant read maps properly at speed. i try to use as an aid to the map, but usually forget the map the first time it needs turning and rely on this.

    all in all abig thumbs up from me !!

    i havent tried the software stuff.

    hope this helps
    all the best
    have fun