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Tracks from the 2009 LBL 200

Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Northeast, Southeast & Florida' started by KYwoodsrider, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. KYwoodsrider

    KYwoodsrider Been here awhile

    Mar 20, 2006
    central KY
    Attached are the tracks from the 2009 LBL 200. The ride varies from year to year but these are consistant from many of the roads and trails used each year. I had some bike problems in 2010 and I missed the ride last year do to my son's wedding.

    As a disclaimer I would like to say that not all of these roads and trails are open to motorcycles at any time. Check with the FS ect.....

    Most years have utilized the North/South hiking trail which is awesome single track. This ride is the only time that motorcycles are allowed on this trail that I know of. There have been rides when the N/S trail was closed. Once to extremely heavy rain and another year there was a conflict with a mountain bike race

    It's a great ride. Try and make it if you can.

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