Tracks/Waypoints for Terlingua and Big Bend Area

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    Nov 29, 2014
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    This file contains 3 track logs and associated waypoints for the following scenic dual sport rides:

    1. Primitive and very scenic dirt roads that connect Highway 118 to the Terlingua Ghost Town for a must have dining experience at the Starlight Theater. Roads include North County Road, Hen Egg Road, Herman's Peak Road, and South County Road. Moderate difficulty due to steep rocky hills and possible standing water/mud in Terlingua Creek.
    2. Marathon Road connecting Terlingua Ranch Lodge to Highway 385 inside Big Bend National Park. Mildly moderate difficulty due to long stretches of deep sand.
    3. Old Ore Road in Big Bend National Park. Moderate difficulty due to loose rocky hills.

    YouTube videos of the rides can be found by searching BobcatBART on YouTube.

    View attachment Big Bend GPS Files.GPX

    Sorry I don't have more tracks; it was a short trip this time.