Trails around Catavina

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  1. brumsky

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    Jan 17, 2019
    San Diego
    A couple friends and I are planning a trip to explore around Catavina and San Quintin

    I have not ridden much there and I was looking for some single track routes.

    I've read about and seen videos for the Camper Shell Trail, Can & Spoon, Turkey Ranch, Cactus Trail, Dead Cow Trail, Badlands, and Sleeping bag trail. I would love to see some of those this trip, but don't know where they are. If anyone has the GPX or could just point me in the right direction of where the trail starts I would be greatly appreciative. Or any other trails in the area, named or unnamed.

    I would be very happy to trade routes. I have tracks for window rock, 22 day trail, calamuje wash, hangover trail, Bill's rock trail, fred's tractor trail, RSV, and some really fun single track out of El Coyote.

    We are very respectful of trails in baja, just want to keep them alive. Won't be posting the routes on any websites.

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    Apr 1, 2018
    Send me a email at and I’ll trade you some routes. Most of what I have is GPX but a few might be KMZ