Training course for offroad riding (SF bay area or AZ)

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    Hi all,

    I've been riding a street bike for 7 years and want to explore offroad riding. Are there any classes that provide bikes and will teach offroad riding to a beginner? I live in the San Francisco bay area and often visit Phoenix, so somewhere near there would be best. I'd also consider other places that are a short flight away from the bay area but that's less ideal.
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    Watching this... I could always use a "tune up" on my skills, or lack thereof.
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    There's a trials group that does training up around Sac though I don't have the name of the group nor their trainer atm. Google trials motorcycles if you've not heard of it. Arguably a better way to improve offroad skills than going to a SM, flat track, or MX school.

    Down around Santa Cruz/San Jose there's Brian Garrahan of Garrahan Racing. Can vouch for that one.

    Rich Oliver's Mystery School is over near Yose. Can vouch for that one as well.

    Jimmy Lewis is in Pahrumph, NV. That's a great one but gets spendy with flight + school + bike rental.

    All three of these guys are real characters.

    Keep me in the loop via PM. I'm just getting my 450 back together and thinking about buying a trail bike in the 250-300 range so I might tag along. Also have a moto van.
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