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tranferring google maps route into garmin?

Discussion in 'GPS 101 - Which GPS For Me' started by sonic578, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. JRWooden

    JRWooden Homeless motorcycle vagabond ... and ... loving it

    Jul 5, 2008
    The great state of confusion
    Just an update:

    Ok ... my out-west ride is coming up pretty quickly...
    My riding buddy has painstakingly created our route in MSST 2009.

    I have bought the 2013 version of MSST
    (from Amazon for $21 bucks, so not a big loss if it doesn't work out)

    He is going sent me the route to import in to MSST 2013 then I will export to GPX file.

    From reading here and in other places ... Garmin devices do not "like" the MSST export files as the contain lines:

    <time> xxx </time>

    in the file which confuse the Garmin devices …

    they can be edited out manually with notepad but it’s a PITA!

    Tyre has been reported as being able to fix this:

    And so has GPSBabel which is an open-source GNU project,
    It runs on Windows, MAC, and Linux:


    I've not tried either of these yet, but will be doing so shortly.
    Having used one of them to clean up the GPX file, it appears the easiest way get the file loaded in your Garmin is to place it on the folder: <X>:\Garmin\GPX

    Then do the “safe remove” the GPS from computer
    unplug the GPS’s USB cable and wait for reboot
    Go to: Tools --> My data --> Import routes and have at it………….

    I am running low on time here, so any suggestions or comments about landmines I'm about to step on would be appreciated.

    One thing that is not clear to me is how the route is "segmented" by MSST or if it just comes down as one big file for the 2-week ride....
  2. JRWooden

    JRWooden Homeless motorcycle vagabond ... and ... loving it

    Jul 5, 2008
    The great state of confusion
    I just passed two short GPX files with 3 or 4 waypoints to my Nuvi 500
    The first was a GPX export from MSST 2013 "as is" ...
    I looked at it in notepad It did have the <time> ... </time> markers in it
    The file was one long line of text with no line breaks....

    The second file was the same GPX file after running it thru GPSBabel.
    GPSBabel stripped out the <time> markers and reformatted the file so that each waypoint was on a new line so much easier to work with in notepad if you wanted to do that ........

    but long story short both versions of the file were converted to routes by Nuvi 500 without error ... :huh

    So maybe Garmin updated the firmware in the Nuvi to ignore the <time> issue?
    Or maybe it's just MapSource / BaseCamp that care about the <time> items and the GPS it's self doesn't care?
  3. Charrito

    Charrito Been here awhile

    Apr 12, 2009
    Dallas, TX
  4. KaytM

    KaytM Just a fella.

    Aug 13, 2011
  5. Icy_

    Icy_ Stationary Traveller

    Apr 8, 2013
    China Town, NY

    MapQuest?!? I had totally forgot about that one and got side tracked by how amazing google maps with the terrain base map looks. But man, MapQuest can export directly to Garmin?!? I just used it but I still cannot believe my eyes. This is amazing; can't thank you enough. Yet, I can start with one: Thank you brother. Awesome!
  6. Lee R

    Lee R Man in a Box

    Nov 13, 2010
    Northern Alabama
    I don't know if it's been mentioned yet but I use the link below. Create your route in google maps and paste the address into the "from web url" line about 2/3rds of the way down. Make sure GPX is selected as output. It will then generate a link for download of the GPX file and you'll need to transfer that to whatever device you use. I use a Nexus 7 Tablet with OSMAND+ but this works on whatever can read .gpx. I use dropbox to transfer so no need to plug anything in.

  7. DonM

    DonM Do-dah Do-dah Supporter

    Jan 13, 2008
    Atlanta, GA
    Using google maps thru chrome, I pasted the URL of a route into the converter and get an error msg-

    No valid gps data detected.

    There are commas in the URL and I selected that as the delimiter but the link also has "!" In it which may be a delimiter that is not recognized. Any idea as to what is missing?

    Another question, this route can be drawn on google maps but in the Garmin database, these roads do not exist so will probably not be displayed. Can I convert the GM route to a track that would display on a Garmin device?

    Edit,- looks like I have to use the classic GM site and I indeed got a route on roads that did not appear on the Garmin map set.

    Thanks for the info, a little thrashing around and I have what I need thanks to you help!

    Don m

    Don m