Trans America Trail on a Ryker Rally?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by rocks_in_my_socks, May 4, 2020.

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    May 3, 2020
    hi everybody, I am a 50+ year old guy and am finally going to get around to doing the Trans America Trail (and some others according to how it goes) so I am looking for some advice.

    Could I do this on a Ryker Rally three wheeler?

    I have not bought one yet but I'm an old guy and I like to slide around on a four wheeler (quad bike) and I think that a Ryker would be similar, but probably more "slippy" on these kinds of roads.

    Would I have ground clearance issues (it has 4.4 inches, and the radiator is right there on the front on the bottom behind a bash guard of some kind) or is there singletrack or mud or something that would make the Ryker unsuitable? They are pretty heavy so I think that getting one unstuck (or turned around during a bailout on a steep hill) might not be a lot of fun.

    Is this idea just too crazy and so I should just get a bike? I can ride and I've got my eye on maybe a used klr650 or a wt250r if the Ryker thing is a bust. I just prefer to slide all over the place and cut loose instead of being careful and acting my age. I'm also afraid that the klh650 is too big and the wt250r is too small. I'm a big one (my six pack has become a one pack) so I'm not even sure a 250 is gonna get it. Suggestions encouraged.

    According to how this goes the Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route will be up next, would that be three wheel capable?

    What routes would I be giving up by going three wheels? I am only interested in trails in the United States.

    Thanks for any and all ideas.
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    I've ridden one on forest service roads, they're so much friggin fun. It's like a street legal sport (2wd) quad. In for some thoughts on this. I'm adding a bike to the fleet, and seriously considering one of these. I haven't ridden one on the street however. I would buy one tomorrow if you could get it with a motorcycle style sequential manual gearbox with a proper clutch. I don't love the CVT thing. It's extremely reliable and does a very good job, I just want to be able to clutch kick and generally drive it like a sport quad.
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    Jan 25, 2017
    I'm not entirely sure you'd have to skip anything. Maybe a tight squeeze here or there, but the TAT can be done in a Jeep, so you should be fine.