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    - On the first day of our trip shortly before we left the city it occured to me that I had left the oil filter. So, we retraced our steps back. Whatever happens is to the best. I don't belive I could forget to check that plug.
    - Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is immence. I understood why after the fall of the Soviet Union Kazakhstan got this vast territory. Unnecesary land was given away. After two or three days of travel the landscape remains the same. Unfriendly camels and dummy gophers make the land look different. The scarce wildlife doesn´t make the trip so boring. People are nice and friendly. Sometimes they greet you on the road, wave their hands and take photographs with us just like with the film celebrities. Unlike europeans the people of Kazakhstan know Ukraine. They wish us luck and pray.
    I understand why the european travelers enjoy visiting that part of the world. The find it exotic. A wooden toilet outside with a hole in the center of the floor, salted water in the tap, a hotel room neighbouring the barber, tailor shop and butcher´s premises. We have seen it all...
    The air-conditioner in the Atyrau hotel room is set to +16 and its power is not enough. After leaving the room we feel significant temperature rise. We decide to turn back. Running from one teahouse to another we come across a truck driver who tells us that in Uzbekistan the tempeature is +55 degrees. Lately in Georgia we met a person who showed us the picture of the termometer indicating +62. The road Atyrau – Astrakhan in comparison with the Ukrainian roads is badly damaged. Sometimes our speed didn't exceed 15 km/h. It was the hardest part of the way. In some places the road is being patched but there is a lot of work to do. I haven't noticed angry traffic police. They might be angry there as there is no one who cares about the traffic rules. The local drivers ignore the «pedestrian crosswalk» traffic sign. The roundabouts are passed in chaotic order.
    Memories of Kazakhstan :)
    - Russian Federation - There is nothing good to write about so will I abstain from writing bad things.
    - Georgia. There is not so much to be discovered there. We enjoyed it and we want to come back again. People are friendly and there are a lot of sightseeings. The cheap Georgian insurance is to book online at The turkish one is booked at the port of entry in national currency.
    Old Tbilisi.JPG
    Batumi is the city of contrasts. You better see it with your own eyes.
    - Turkey. The road leads along the sea. The serpentine waterfront highway extending over hundreds of kilometers. We began to see motorbike tourists riding in the opposite direction. One can easily have a lunchbreak or a swim. In many towns there are waterfront arbours. It was harder to find nice and beautiful place to spend the night.
    The route is aproximate. Inside the country we found an interesting mountain pass with unpaved road on top. It wouldn't have been so funny if it had rained there.
    Turkey is fantastic. In the evening we put up a tent of the shore of the Thracian Sea. In Turkey it is beautiful as well. But in the morning we saw fish that eats people.:) We spent the following night on the shore of our native Black Sea.
    The water in the puddles may sometimes be warm. We felt it when it splashed on us from under the wheels of the trucks.
    -Romania. The motocycles seem to have been forbidden in Europe and all riders had come here. Many locals are supposed to have vacations in August and they willingly ride. There are long traffic jams for many kilometers. There are no vacant rooms in the hotels, so it saved us 40 Euro. We spent the night in the tent right on the mountain pass.
    Here is Balea Lake. When we first saw this lake we had no desire to plunge into its waters.
    On this sunny day we took a chance to swim in it. The water is refreshing. Surprisingly the snow was laying withing a couple of meter from the lake surface. I suppose that it will not melt this year. The following day descending a bit lower we put up a tent on the picturesque waterfront lawn. In the morning we encontered this sign.
    We looked up in the Internet and discovered that Romania boasts the largest population of bears in Europe. We got it on time :)
    We decided not to bother the bears and arranged our stay in the well known guest house. Our lodge was vacant.

    We wish you many kilometers...

    Video format without comment from this trip.
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