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    have our late summer early fall trip planned this year we are taking the wing cross country again but this time to California. i have a day that i will be going through death valley 190 at the end of August first of sept. tried to find some threads on ride through there but not very many. if your one that travels that route is that time frame a ok time to go through i know it will be hot we carry plenty of water and gas if things are closed just wondering how hot it actually gets? we will be leaving las Vegas very early 430-5 am so it should be somewhat cool. thanks for your input ride safe o by the way this is after i return from the IDBDR at the end of July that's on my a twin
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    July >August temps average 110 to 115 *F. Vegas isn’t much cooler and you can easily see 90*F at 04:30.

    Don’t be surprised at the number of German and Japanese tourists who go to DV to experience the heat at its peak.
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    My wife and I drove (Subaru Forester) through DV in Sept 2019 on our "Retirement Vacation". We stayed 2 nights at the Best Western Oasis in Pahrump, and did a 200-mile loop out to the park in the morning and returned that evening. That would give you over an hour head start on the heat. Nice hotel. Or, you could even stay in DV at the Oasis at Death Valley.
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