Trip through Canada Questions?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by dollar bill, Jun 13, 2004.

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    Hi All!

    I am seeking the collective wisdom of the group.

    I am planning a trip from Northeast Iowa up through Sault Ste. Marie to Canada. I am going to make my way east (by way of Rt 17) to Ottawa and back south into New York and work my way back to Cleveland in time for my Nieces wedding on July 3rd. :rilla

    I have never traveled in Canada and I was wondering what to expect at the border :hide and on my route. Is there decent scenery? Fun roads? I am hoping to camp most of the way. Any problems finding camp grounds and tent sites? Will finding a hotel be an issue? I am all ears! Thanks! :ear
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    I've been in/out of Canada at least ten times and have never been hassled by the authorities on either side. One time, when I had long hair and a beard (college days), I had my car searched, but that is it. Took my bike up to the MOA rally with no problems. I've read of long lines at some of the more poplular cross-points, but I've never encountered more than a ten minute wait.

    If you are use to having a gun with you, leave it at home.
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    The Soo to Ottawa will be pleasant, but not outstanding as scenery goes. Mostly Boreal forest, a few lakes, and relatively small towns - but probably more intersesting than Iowa :lol3 .

    Motels are not an issue, especially in late June. Not sure about camping in those parts - I know there are many provincial parks, but an Ontario Parks guidebook would be a much better reference than I.

    From Ottawa, I'd recommend going back through the States to get to Cleveland. The riding through Adarondack Park in upstate NY, the Finger Lakes region, and northern Penn is far more interesting than Ottawa - Niagara Falls.

    Let me know when you plan to hit Ottawa. I'm leaving for about three months on the road in early July, but should still be here when you come through.

    Edit = Don't worry about the border - we're not Afghanistan - but as Longwallman says, leave the piece at home.
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    Just got back from a trip to Vancouver and back. Wasn't hassled either coming or going. Crossed in at Washington state came back through in Idaho.
    Keep in mind some of the crossing points are only open 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Didn't have a passport , just my drivers license and a copy of my birth certificate .
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