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    Aug 23, 2006
    South of the North Georgia Mountains
    Really pleased with recent purchases of Triumph branded clothes. A recent downpour and a broken fly zipper convinced me it was time to replace my 10 year old gear.

    I wanted a tunic length jacket in a light color since I live in Georgia, which gets pretty damn hot and humid in the summer. I found Cylegear selling either Triumph Navigator or Explorer jackets on clearance for $300 apiece. The Navigator has fixed rain membrane with good venting and a zip-in winter liner while the Explorer has a zip-in membrane, making it a 3-layer jacket.

    I preferred a built in waterproof membrane since thunderstorms here pop up suddenly and you enter/exit deluges depending on which side of a ridge you're on. My previous jacket had a fixed membrane and it flowed air reasonably well with all vents open and provided decent protection from the rain with the vents closed. I have a mesh jacket for days in the upper 90's and carry external raingear on those days. But its much simpler to ride with a membrane jacket with decent venting so I chose the Navigator.

    Then needed to decide on the pants, which I found on FleaBay for $210; Navigator was 2 layers with a fixed rain membrane and zip-in thermal liner, while Explorer series was 3 layers. I don't believe pants with fixed membranes flow air as well as jackets due to the placement of vents. I also read one review from India that the Navigator pants were hot above 80 degrees. So, I chose the 3 layer Explorer series pants. I was pleased to find that the rain liner is very compact and easily fit into the back pocket on the Navigator Jacket. They vent pretty well with the vents opened.

    I've ridden with the combo a few days and was very comfortable from the '70's to the high 80's. Was a little warm in the 90's but tolerable. From all I've read, the Triumph garments are very waterproof and very good in cold weather.

    I'm so pleased with the quality that I just ordered a pair of Triumph Navigator Gloves while I can still get them. Only thing I don't like is the European zipper on the jacket being on the wrong side.
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