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    Yeah, by that I mean if you are going east to west, crossing over the dam at Yankton and then running the southern part of the route over to Randall. The gravel on the north side of the river is probably the same as the south -- dunno. Regardless, you'll hit spots where front traction just wants to go away. We saw areas where the road dust was rutted, and those seemed to be the worst areas. We were on 690s that are fairly light in the front and shouldn't have had traction problems, but both me and my buddy almost went down a few times. We didn't have those issues at all west of Randall.

    Other than that one warning, I have to say that this route is just fun. We made it as far as Midland before we had to turn back because of weather. We took the northerly route from Randall over to Midland. It was snowing in Custer, so we decided to backtrack using the southerly route that goes from Midland back to Randall. The northerly route that takes you around the Turner Ranch is good, but the southerly route in this middle part of the state from Midland back to Randall was great with lots of riding in the middle of grasslands with almost no tracks at all and nothing more to tell you where to go other than a little line on the GPS. It was cool. The northerly route from Randall over to Midland went through a lot of farm land that included tons of things like hundred acre fields of sunflowers -- pretty cool in its own right, but you have to hit it at the right time of year for it to be really cool.


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    Oops, thanks for the - catch on the coordinates, @Orangecicle.
    The Nebraska side is my preferred ride although it can be a little difficult at times. Sometimes it’s like riding on marbles. And, if it’s wet don’t even attempt, especially solo.
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    Fantastic! TSDAT I have it loaded and will make it part of my next SD ride, Super!

    From last week along the Missouri River SD.

    Lots of water the last few years there so I'm sure a lot of trails are still washed out. :*sip*
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    Just rode about half of this and had a great time. Wondered why people were saying it was hard and then experienced it in the rain and understood - some of that dirt turns into that shallow mud that's slick as ice.

    The Bomb Target waypoint was one of the highlights and it's well worth a detour.


    We found a cool cut-through to detour there going south of 44 onto 185th (43.7145, -102.3585), which turns into BIA 125 until you hit Route 145 (43.5204, -102.2074). You can do a loop with this using 5A Scenic.
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