tubeless wire wheels for KTM 950

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    Jun 24, 2004
    39*40'33.86N 104*59'54.69W more time for you all....please check the other threads and posts under woody's wheel works....

    we only seal rims that have the safety bead extruded/machined into them,,,,

    tubeless tires and rims are specifically engineered for each other to more exacting standards than tubeles rims and tires were

    yes there are companies out there that are sealing all kinds of rims ,,,ask the tire companies and i am positive they will back me up that it is a crap-shoot

    when you air up a tubeless tire on its properly designed/safety beaded rim,,,you will notice a very distinct POP when the tire jumps up and over the safety bead.....NOT SO when you install that tubeless tire on a regular tube-type rim,,,,,they just slip on...and should you suffer air pressure loss they will slide off just as easily....'cept now,,you'll experience a drastic loss of air pressure akin to a blowout with a tubed tire...thought you may all like to know that....the safety bead is there for a reason,,,to keep that tire on the rim and let you slow down safely...the idea works in practice

    the only 21 front rim on the market i'm willing to seal is a WM-3/2.15 Sun has the safety beaded extruded in to it,,,that also happens to be the OEM size on ktm 950s....your OEM 21"/2.15" rims made by BEHR ....HAVE NO SAFETY BEAD!!!!!...we usually have the Sun's in stock in black,gold,silver

    5-15-06...CAVEAT EMPTOR!...if you will be doing hard riding in the dirt.... you will be better served by a 1.85 x21 rim...they work better and are stronger than the 2.15 x21s ....BTW,,,Excel doesn't offer a 2.15 x21,,,,so that leaves us with Sun,Behr,and Morad/Akront

    the OEM rear rim on your ktm 950s is 18"/4" has the biggest safety bead i've ever seen,,,hence all your struggles in changing tires,,,we routinely machine these beads down to either the normal safety bead size and more drastically for the dirt bike/off-road only crowd that want more ease in popping the tires off to fix their flat tubes...currently that runs circa $80...we are experimenting with more cost effective techniques since there is a bigger demand these days for that service

    currently,,,sealing rims costs $60 which includes new valve stems

    and last but not least i am working on a patent for tubeless wire wheels,,that will allow you to retorque your spokes as usual without the need to reseal your wheels as is the current case.....that is why we recommend getting your wheels SUPERLACED before you seal em,,,check the other posts about this