Tubliss Long Term Review

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    It is the valve stem failing. The valve stem has about a 1” diameter rubber flange. That is then adhered to the tube. I believe it is from pulling on the red liner too hard during tire changes. It really should not happen, the valve stem sound be on there better than that.
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    Maybe allowing the nut on the HP tube to seat against the rim causing stress where the stem should be allowed to flex? It's all conjecture, however I've noticed that if i don't snug the nut up TIGHT to the cap.. at least on the rear the nut tends to end up on the rim.
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    Was riding the Big Levels jeep trail in VA yesterday and when I got to the bottom found out my rear tire was completely flat. It's pretty rough and rocky and I had no idea how long (but I can't imagine it was too long) it was flat for but there was no pressure. The high pressure chamber was still holding strong at 103psi. A few minutes with my Nealy Mini plug kit and Motopumps Airshot and we were on the move again. +1 for the convenience of dealing with a flat.
    I have a little bit of slime in my rear tire now since my GT723 was leaking through the carcass all over the place and that didn't appear to help me out here.
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    I mix auto antifreeze with the slime 50/50 and know it's working when I see little green dots on my tires after a ride.
    Today, auto antifreeze is already 50/50 with water as sold.
    I use the same mix for bicycle tubes...
    Give it a try,