Tubliss Long Term Review

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    Aug 22, 2006
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    on my 690, i run tubliss in the front and converted the rear to tubeless, using the outex system. works great. and, on the front, i actually use the outex tape to seal the spokes because i originally ran outex tubeless in the front too. without safety bead, the front tire kept coming off the bead. i've been really pleased with tubliss.

    i also run tubliss on the front of the ktm 790 adv rally, on which i run a 1.60 front rim. the rear is 2.5. on the rear, i also converted it to tubeless with outex system. i actually run a tube type on the rear, with outex tubeless system and no rim lock. no drama in about 5k miles. tubliss and running 90/100 front tires seems to have cured my constant pinch flats and bent rims.

    that said... i did recently get a "pinch" flat on front tire of the 790. it appears that the front tire pinched against the rim lock and tore a hole. it instantly lost all air and i crashed and damaged some bits on the bike. for how i ride, it appears that i have run higher pressure, around 25 psi, on the heavier 790. all good. i can still ride much harder and faster with tubliss than with tubes and, probably tubeless. btw, on the 790, with tubliss, no drama running on the highway at 80 mph all day. i do use sahara high speed sealant in my tires to keep them running cool and sealed.
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