Two 1150s in the Dunes

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    Jan 20, 2015
    Hey all,
    A few years ago I sold my 650gs and moved from Ireland to Dubai.
    Over the last few years I've explored almost all of the UAE region, and some of the Oman region, offroad in my Nissan Pathfinder. I've recently started to look to think about redoing all of the routes, wadi's, sand dunes and mountains on 2 wheels and recording it. I want to record it because very few people here realise how amazing the country really is - beyond brunches and shopping, and they are usually amazed by the photos I take.

    I reckon there is a nice 5000km route across the emirates taking in breathtaking landscape and challenging terrain. I started to think about what bike to choose and was drawn back to my 650, and then to 1200 and then to 800 all gs's but for several reasons I decided to go for a 1150, seems super basic and easy to maintain, comfortable on long trips and not much electrickery

    Quite surprisingly there was only one 1150 available in the UAE and I picked it up. Within 1 week of paying the cash for the bike my friend started to get jeleaus and quite randomly another great 1150 came up that he snapped up. So now it looks like the two off us will do the trip on 2 1150gs's :beerjug:

    Bike 1:

    Bike 2:

    It is still super hot here with daytime temps hitting 50'c so for now I am planning the routes and ordering parts. we Plan to start the route in late sept when the temp drops and allows us to camp. Will will do the trip in a few stages and release video's updates as we go along.

    I'm starting to think about what needs to be done to our bikes and what I can do over the next few weeks to prep. I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys on what prep is needed and what parts I should preventatively replace.

    Onto my Bike!
    It is a blue/white 2002 1150gs with 36,000km on the clock with almost near original condition. Previous owner had a "if its not broke dont fix it attitude" and I dont think much beyond basic oil and filters have been changed. There is a cleanable k+n air filter in there and it runs pretty good. it has a new battery, new shinko 705's on it. There is a bit of droning noise at from 50 - 80kph which increases with speed and I am not sure if this is the tyres or transmission. Noise remains with clutch pulled in and front bearing seems good. ABS is non running atm and I am not sure wether to pull and save the weight or get it fixed. Thoughts?
    Although the bike has not been used much it has been kept near the coast so there is a bit of corrosion on the bolts etc.

    Other than that I've ordered Heed full body crashbars, barkbusters, pivot pegs, 10000km service kit, rugged road crash protection (fork, stand, brake etc.), speigler stainless brake lines, full engine stainless bolts and full fairing stainless bolts. I have some basic plastic panniers but I ordered some wolfman soft luggage also. Need to figure out a rack to suit. I have a rear caliper rebuild kit just in case and some new stainless parts for the brakes. Not sure if I need to overhaul as they work pretty good but will replace lines for sure. I will also put some more aggressive tyres on it, and I'm thinking the shinko 804/805's as Ive read some good reviews on them.

    My buddies bike is a mandarin yellow 2002 with 66000km on it and seems to be in far better condition and has most of the offroad stuff already on it.

    For comms we have dual sena s20's and for recording we have a go pro each and a nice cannon 700d.

    Excited to be starting this and looking forward to your thoughts!