Two up two nighters out of perth

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    Hi Im lucky to get plenty of time to ride and luckier to have a wife who likes getting out on the bike with me so it’s great when our free time matches to go exploring.
    We go all the same places I go on my own but thought I would share an easy trip with you to perhaps entice your other half out into your bike adventures if she’s not yet tried it.
    It’s never far to the back roads from home so I always start on the edge of the forest come farming country where there’s always hills, water ways and flowers this time of year to get mine and her fill of nature on the way through Dryandra up to lake Mears onto Quairading.
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    Camping out doesn’t always mean ruffing it so try the local caravan park (quairading in this case) for a bit of ease of showering and tell peter the caretaker orry sent ya he’s good for a chat.
    We did our own breakfast at the caravan park but dinner on offer here is at the pub ;) club or fridays the bakery opens until 7pm.
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    Pick up the local map from the camp kitchen with all the sites of interest in the area and head out with some fresh rolls early from the bakery on day two.
    We made a loop out of mainly back roads that took in toapin weir, mt Stirling, Kokerin rock and well where we had our lunch. Then down to a free camping site at an old town site at Kwolin (froze my ass off there a few months ago when I went on a solo trip out to Ardeth, but that’s another story) and zigzaged around to pink lake for a short run back to the caravan park.
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    The next day we took a different route home and jagged coming across lake Yenyining near Beverly before stopping at brookton for a cuppa then into the forest and through crossman home.

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    Good stuff. Me and my wife of 40 years go riding as much as we can while we still can. Im on a three day week atm so we get away quite a bit.