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    I'm looking to do a road trip across Vietnam and as a result, am looking at building into my bike a specific GPS unit. I've heard so many people use Google Maps, however, I think it would be safer to build in a specific unit. The mechanical aspect of how to do this are not difficult, however what is difficult is what model to choose and where to buy it from.

    Do I buy the USA or a UK model, both cover Vietnam from a country-specific basis, but is there any difference in the models themselves? I've looked across the internet at a few reviews and a couple of the slightly better review are here and here, however, most seem not to go into detail about the differences between the UK and USA range. The other option is to buy a locally made GPS unit, however, I’m looking at Vietnam and wondering whether they have a massive “fake” problem and then wondering if I would ever get any use out of it if I took it home.
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    Can't see that there would be too many changes if you're comparing like for like. Pre-loaded maps and correct power supply stuff will change from market to market. I would also assume that stuff like TMC and XMradio might have been market specific.
    My first concern would be map coverage. Always check that they give you the level of detail you may need. Example. At one point European maps would only show MAIN roads in some eastern European countries. The devil is in the detail.

    This is what I would do. But I would also take my rugged phone with the correct maps loaded. Also look to see if you can prchase a local SIM card. And the cheapest handlebar mount I could find. I would hazard to guess that a GPS in Vietnam is going to be a whole heap cheaper than over here. At least you'll know that it has correct local maps and if you bring it home, stick local maps on it. I could not care less if it was fake or genuine, if it did the job needed.