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UPDATE!! Shoei / Revzilla Helmet warning

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Sonny S., Jun 17, 2019.


    S21FOLGORE Been here awhile

    Jul 17, 2011
    San Rafael, CA

    I'm neither on OP's side, nor SHOEI / Revzilla's side.

    But, if you calm down and take a look at this "problem" logically,
    Revzilla is the first one to be blamed.
    SHOEI North America's customer service rep is the second.
    OP (and his girlfriend) the last.

    The helmet in question was purchased 3.5 years ago.

    "There still should be manufacture warranty left, because it's less than 5 years since the date of purchase."
    That's what most (probably more than 95%) of the Revzilla customer would think.

    Upon contacting SHOEI customer service, the customer(s) found out it's out of warranty, because
    even though it's less than 5years from the date of purchase, it's more than 7years from the date
    of manufacture.

    Now, unlike some people (wrongly) believe, Motorcycle helmet has no "sell-by-date".
    It's not that the "helmet becomes unsafe after 5 years (regardless the situation the helmet has been in that 5 years), cannot be used."
    (more details about this, read my post above.)

    So, technically, Revzilla can sell 8 years old helmet. but, by ANYBODY' standard, it's too old to be sold as "NEW" helmet.
    Even with close out discount.
    IF Revzilla had clearly stated that the particular model helmets that they were looking at are NOS, already out of ANY factory warranty, thne, the OP & the girlfriend (and most sensible buyers) would have avoided that helmet.

    Why people purchase stuff rom Revzilla?
    One of the biggest reason would be "great customer service".
    And, some people would trust Revzilla blindingly based on their good reputation.

    So, Revzilla did the wrong thing in the first place.
    (If it's not wrong, it is in "gray zone", very, very dark gray ... )

    Next, SHOEI customer service rep could have said things differently.
    Even though he / she would tell the same story in the end, there are better ways to to explain things like this.

    And OP & his girlfriend ...
    pretty much the only fault they have made is not checking the manufacture date right after they received the helmet.
    BUT, seriously, how many % of the helmet buyers would do this?
    (I know some people do, because I do. But, including myself, those people fall into the "minority" category.)
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  2. petertakov

    petertakov Been here awhile

    Jun 19, 2012
    I think I'll leave it - your comment proves it's spot on :-)))
  3. bcbullet

    bcbullet From eh to zed

    May 18, 2012
    North and west
    I'm not reading this whole mess, but here is my takeaway...

    Firebridgelin makes tires. The tires have a date code. If the local Firebridgelin dealer installs tires that were past date, it is up to them to rectify the issue. It should not be up to the purchaser to confirm the date code on new tires. If the local dealer refuses due to shitty policy such as "customer needs to confirm date code upon installation" hidden in the small print, then a simple call to Firebridgelin should be enough to right the wrong. The local tire shop is Firebridgelin's DEALER and front line agent. They have a partnership in selling the tires and if one drops the ball, the other should pick it up. Simple. Now if neither rights the wrong, get a giant grease pencil and write "Firebridgelin and Dealer XXXX are selling tires that are known to be unsafe" all over your car and park it outside the dealer during business hours.
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  4. George Hanson

    George Hanson Been here awhile

    Feb 4, 2016
    This thread is now a dumpster fire.
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  5. roger123

    roger123 Long timer Supporter

    Jun 23, 2007
    VA Beach, VA
    LOL, I just checked the date on my wife's HJC, ready for it.....March 2000......I think she's worn it 3 or 4 times, rest of the time it's in the closet, liner and rest of the helmet look brand new. I don't think it's ever been sweated in.

    I also checked my Shoei bought in '16 from Cycle World, it was from '14.
  6. ThrillSeeka

    ThrillSeeka Been here awhile

    May 18, 2019
    When there are no laws defining what constitutes the expiry date of motorcycle tires, it's on the consumer to check and decide. With regards to motorcycle tires, there are only recommendations from manufacturers on when to discard a tire, and these recommendations are usually based upon the date of purchase.

    If you buy a 6-year-old tire that has been sold to you legally by a business, then it's your fault that you have a 6-year-old tire and not a 2-year-old tire.

    I'm not trying to be an *hole, but your choice of analogy isn't a good one since the selling of tires past X amount of time (from date of manufacture) isn't well defined in law (if at all).

    While the helmet may have only been worn a handful of times, it's humidity over the long term that also degrades the EPS foam. While 10 years may be fine, 19 years is already pushing it.

    If it were me, I would not use that helmet and instead would donate it to the local paramedic/EMS unit so that they can use it for their motorcyclist-rescue training/drills. They will put it to good use.
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