US Route 1 ??

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    SE Guilf Co NC or Fancy Gap VA
    I ride for pleasure - slowly and not on interstates and do my best to avoid divided highways and big cities. I use a gps and set my preferences to avoid major roads. Works great if your u aren’t in a hurry and want to take the scenic route.

    I’m familiar with US 1 in N and S Carolina, traverses a lot of urban areas. I wouldn’t recommend it.
    Rather than US 220 - good for scenic travels in a cage - I’d suggest Hwy 16 from North of Charlotte NC to Ohio, seriously scenic and quite a ride on a bike.
    Some suggestions in my neighborhood:
    NewEngland - an inmate here’s site
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    Actually the whole area north of Scranton is good I would take 6 and then cut to Hancock, NY where NY-30 starts.