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    We offer this forum to vendors who wish to sell their motorcycle-related products or services. There is no fee to vendors to post here. Please read and follow these simple rules:

    Spamming posts are not permitted. Spammers are banned without warning. :ban

    In the Vendors forum, vendors may bring to the attention of motorcyclists products and services related to motorcycling. Vendors who post will be expected to introduce, discuss and answer inmate questions regarding their products and services. Discussions must remain civil. If you see something that's offensive or is not motorcycling related, please use the Report link to report it to forum moderators. Vendors who participate in discussions in the Equipment or Bike forums must refrain from spamming their products in those forums. It is in very bad form for one vendor to crap in another vendor's thread, or try to poach sales from it. Mocking and needless dickery will not be tolerated. It is also in bad form to post in a vendor's thread a link to a similar or competing product from another vendor; use the Equipment forum for head to head comparisons. A vendor's thread is for the vendor to talk about his/her products and answer inmate questions. Posts that violate these rules will be punted without warning. Habitual offenders will also be punted without warning. :nod

    Vendors must clearly state the price of their services or of the items they are selling or provide a link to their site where the price and terms of sale are clearly visible. "Make an offer" "PM me for a price" will result in the termination of the vendor thread. Vendors, please keep all your products in one thread; do not start a new thread for each of your products. Mods will merge, punt or close such threads without notice.

    Vendors who accept PayPal are not permitted to ask the payment to be sent as a "gift / personal". Doing so is dishonest, and the buyer forfeits PayPal's buyer protection policy. Buyers beware: If you send payment via PayPal as a "gift", if the product you purchased is not delivered to your satisfaction, PayPal will not intervene, because you sent the seller a cash "gift".

    Copies of copyrighted/trademarked items may not be sold on this site. When in doubt, ask first.

    No Ebay, Craigslist, etc... ads permitted here.

    No fundraising or fundraising links; Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme, PayPal Donations etc. If you have a ready to sell product, you may post here, but if you're here to raise funds for your products or services, don't do it on this site.

    Permanent discounts to ADV inmates are appreciated. If you'd like to offer such a discount, refer to the stickied thread below for more information. :deal

    Vendor rants: On occasion, inmates feel a need to vent or warn others about a negative experience with a particular vendor. This has been posted in Vendors as well, but before you start a new thread, do a search first, chances are such a thread already exists. Do not go on a rant if you did not purchase this product from this vendor.

    Ultimately, buyer beware, we do not mediate disputes between buyers and sellers.

    Thank you for your cooperation and contribution to the ADV community. :thumb
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