Victoria-area group encourages young MX riders...

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    Nice to see a group being proactive about encouraging young people and their families to enjoy motorcycles... maybe one day, they too will become "Adventure Riders!"

    Pint-size riders compete in motocross

    By Pedro Arrais, Times Colonist September 19, 2010

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    Motocross is perhaps the only sport that allows youngsters as young as four to ride on a motorbike. Motocross is a form of motorcycle sport where riders race on an enclosed, outdoor track. BMX is the equivalent sport using off-road bicycles.

    While four might seem young to let a child loose on a track, there is an abundance of safety equipment specially sized for pint-size riders.

    Riders between four and eight years old compete on miniature bikes with a displacement of 50 cc.

    "Safety is the biggest thing," says Jeff Evernden, president of Westshore Motocross, who started riding when he was six years old and entered his first race at 10.

    "We have specific beginner days where we supply beginners with all safety gear -- from boots to helmets. We have instructors on hand with over 20 years of riding and racing experience."

    Westshore Motocross recently bought 12 new motorcycles and 30 sets of safety gear specifically to outfit new riders.

    You can see some of these miniature racers in action next Sunday, as Westshore Motocross hosts the sixth and last round of their popular Victoria Series. Fifty local motocross racers are expected to attend. The winners will share in $15,000 worth of prizes and go on to compete for the Island championships in October.

    Westshore Motocross has spent the last two years developing its track. The two-kilometre course is open year-round but most organized events take place between April and September to avoid the rains. They hope to expand and, eventually, to host the B.C. championships.

    Apart from the youngsters, spectators on the race weekend can expect to see nine other classes compete, including adults 40 and older. Sometimes entire families compete.

    Registration for the upcoming race starts at 8 a.m. race day with competition between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Admittance is by donation. The track is located behind the back straight of Western Speedway in Langford, 2207 Millstream Rd.

    For more information, call 250-590-8088 or go to