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Video Camera South America trip

Discussion in 'Americas' started by finney, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. finney

    finney n00b

    Jan 12, 2008
    As a non techie type guy, what is the best video camera set up for my ride down to the tip of South America. I am not a camera buff but would llike to post some video for family back home. thanks
  2. rossphoto

    rossphoto GDTRFB

    Jun 26, 2007
    Far far away
    Hey man, I hate to sound coy but are you kidding??? There are at least 900 different kinds of video cameras on the market. From cheap as shit to something you could do a major motion picture with. It seems to me you dont have much experience with video (niether do I). But I do know depending on your needs you can get a fantastic camera from $400 to $1000. I am a professional photographer but have never shot video in my life. However, I want to dabble. I just bought a Canon HV 10 this is a Hi Def video camera with a built in hard drive. So I dont have to carry tapes. It will recoed approx. 13 hours of video at full Res. Just a note that will probably take 26 hours to download to my computer. I would suggest doing a ton of research. B&H photo and Video is a good place to start on line and Circuit City is a good place to start at home. I would go to both. Ususlly, the folks at CC dont know shit from shinola. But at B&H if you actually call and talk to them they are pretty well informed.

    Good luck and if you get any video I'd love to see it.
  3. j_seguin

    j_seguin Been here awhile

    Jul 20, 2007
    Superior CO
    If you aren't looking for super high quality video a lot of the digital still cameras on the market can also do video pretty well. I'm going to be doing a S.A. trip next fall and if I shoot any video it will be on my digital still camera.