Video of Maiden Voyage of Single-Wheel ADV Trailer

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    For those of you following our journey, two big updates. First, after the third trademark attorney told us we were going to get sued...we changed our name:


    Secondly, we did our final assembly of the first prototype last Thursday and took it for its maiden voyage behind a Super Tenere. See the assembly, ogle the amazing welds, watch the 7" of travel hand tested, and the first tow!

    Heading to Great Falls for the MOA National Rally? Stop by and see it in person at Booth H12!

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    I've gotten a couple of here are some answers.

    The trailer acts like a roof rack for your bike. We have mounting plates that will accept all the major pannier makers and rotopax, a shelf-system to make it easy to carry coolers or dry bags on the sides, and of course you have the waterproof internal storage and the flat top to strap gear to. We have gotten quite a few requests to be able to mount bicycles to the sides or top, so we will likely make something to do that...maybe even small kayaks.

    You will also be able to carry two spare tires over the hitch. And it has a 17" rear tire, which won't be carrying much weight, so it can act as a spare as well.

    It comes with an air shock with adjustable rebound. We'll have an on-board electric pump that will let you set the preload for whatever weight you're carrying, and it'll act as the pump for your bike tires as well.

    Many more features and benefits...we'll be doing more videos to show them.

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    Some beautiful alloy fab work