[Video Report] Solo CDR by way of North Texas (5600 miles in 3 weeks!)

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    Nicely done!!! :clap:clap:clap

    I saw the length and figured I'd skip ahead but it was so well done with varied music (including the red tail hawk calls synchronized with the raptor sightings) that I watched the whole thing. I rode the CDR in 2006 and was amazed how much I didn't remember. Darn, I guess I need to ride it again.
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    Great ride. Great vid. Thanks, man.
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    Thanks man! The only regret I could think of is not making the Fleecer ridge hill climb, but that's probably more of a pride thing haha

    Sounds like you have the perfect amount of time to do the CDR. I sort of had to hurry through some sections because of weather or other reasons, but it would've been cooler to have the time to be able to explore all the little side tracks and see every sight. I did most of them I set out to do, but I had to skip a ghost town in Montana and maybe a few other little things I had marked on my map.

    I can't think of anything that was overrated, there is such a wide variety of cool terrain to ride and things to see that every single day is exciting. Some sections are more flowy than others, some are more scenic, some are more rewarding because they're more of a challenge, sometimes it's all of these at once, but there really is something for every type of rider out there. The great thing about the CDR is how much everything changes as you progress; if you don't like the terrain, just keep riding and eventually it will transform into something totally different. The variety is excellent, it really feels like a journey.

    Have fun, take lots of photos/videos but don't forget to live in the moment!