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    With the latest features in you can view & save as many GPX files/data (Tracks, Waypoints) as you wish without ever committing a single track or waypoint into a PLAN. You can even color the saved (Skipped) Tracks as you wish. You can switch to Satellite imagery while viewing the Tracks even if you don't want to save them. Furkot supports KML, GPX and CSV data types and it is accessible on any platform. When I'm working on a new Trip Plan, I use the FIND feature to view up to five files at a time of my previously save GPX/KML data in my GPX data library on my cloud storage. These features enable me to do things like save the complete data file from a BDR ( like the CABDR - South below) without having to actually plan my route path (it's actually easier to save this data before starting to Plan).

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    I was recently directed to the Osmand Maps app. In addition to having a lot of detail, it lets you download entire states, with the whole of the US coming to 6gb or something so you can use it with no data. It appears that it actually guides me along gpx routes - though until I actually reach one of said routes (tomorrow) won't know for sure. Unless I'm missing something, google maps (mymaps) only lets me view the route? This looks like it could be a huge improvement.