Wagoner Rd, Fire Road 72

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    I wanted to do something different.

    Last night, I thought I would maybe try getting up at 4:00 this morning and run out to San Diego for breakfast, but at 3:55 I knew that wasn't happening. My left hip is so bad now that I can't tolerate that much time on the Busa. The KTM's riding position makes it the easy choice when I'm in this much pain.

    Anyway, I ended up leaving Wickienurg at 8:00 this morning and running the asphalt up to Wagoner Rd. I thought I'd try to complete a run on fire road 72, something a couple of friends, Mike and Sonny had taken from them last week. Sonny got a little banged up in a getoff and had to visit the hospital.

    Getting on with things, the first stop was Whitehead Ranch Road, off Wagoner Rd. I just wanted to see what was down there.

    So.........There's an abandoned mine.

    And something in the mine.

    Maybe a dead dog, or maybe..........A chupacabra!

    Bitchin' bike.

    Marching on, there's actually the remains of a town named Placerita. This place is off the road, down a trail that is not fit for a 4WD. It's just too narrow now. It's all overgrown.
    Placerita had a post office which was open back in the early late 1890s and ran until early into the 20th century. The name says it all. Placer gold was found there by Mexicans back in the 1860s. Once that was tapped, another miner found some gold veins in the 1880s. Now it's just a ghost town. The surrounding land is all ranch land owned by the BLM and grazed by Maughan ranches (Rex Maughn....Google him), among others.

    Nothing there but this now. It's on a wash that feeds the Hassayampa from what I can tell.

    Not long after that I hit a locked gate and had to turn around. Time for fire road 72.

    It had lots of rough spots, but nothing difficult.

    Also, some killer trees along the Hassayampa. Truly beautiful scenery.


    Not long after this, I was on highway 89, heading to Zeke's in Prescott for breakfast. They finally added a new small portion menu, which is good. Nobody ever left that place without clogged arteries and a full stomach.:lol:
    On the way back down 89 out of Prescott, I came upon a motorcycle accident. A guy and his wife had target fixated and ran in to the side of a cliff. They were both banged up, cut up and bleeding. I broke out the first aid kit and patched them back up and sent them on their way thanks to someone in a pickup who stopped to offer assistance. No pics of that. It's humiliating enough to crash. Nobody wants their pic taken at the scene.
    BTW, no gear on either rider or passenger. Just do rags and fingerless gloves.

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    Mr Wookie,
    Good on ya for nursing them. Nice RR too. Love that country.