Walking around in motoport or other textile when you get there

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    I typically wear mesh Motoport pants. Under this I wear a pseudo mesh boxer brief and nothing else if it is warm. It feel like I am riding in shorts yet I am still protected. At sites where am going to walk around a bit I just keep the pants on and it is fine. However given the ease of removing them I sometimes swap to shorts in the few seconds it takes to do so.

    I also recommend the cable to lock the jacket and pants to the bike.
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    I've tried a bunch of different things over the years and here's what I've ended up with;

    For fast tours
    it's my leathers and I bring a pair of nylon shorts and these tech fabric slack golf pants simple black and they take up very little room, about 1/3 of the space jeans do and they resist wrinkles and look decent if I need to look presentable. along with a pair of thin shoes (Like kung fu slippers) that I put on after I get where I'm going.

    For longer tours where I'll be in a wide range of weather
    It's Aerostich or Olympia airglide overpants worn over either nylon pants or nylon shorts with long johns if it's hot or fleece pants if it's cold

    If it's local riding
    I wear riding jeans (currently I've got a pair of Reax 610 from cycle gear/revzilla that are treating me pretty well.

    If I have luggage space I've been known to bring my riding jeans and my leather pants, especially if I'm going to be going to some place for a couple of days and doing day rides each day and exploring locally.

    I typically don't change out of my riding gear during the day unless we are stopped for a couple of hours or more, or visiting someplace fancy while off the bike.

    For a jacket it's either my Aerostich Darien, or a leather jacket (RSD Barfly) depending on the weather and the length and pace of the ride.