Want more public land for riding?

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    Here in AL we're getting started organizing off-road enthusiasts to pool our resources for the purpose of acquiring land for legal dirt activities.

    Think AMA. Think Blue Ribbon Coalition. Think National Forest Service. Think Bureau of Land Management. We're working with all of them.

    I'm hanging up my hat as the evil anarchist, in attempt to learn to play nice with the people, agencies, governments and entities that take my money without my permission, and blow it on junk I don't need or want or even approve of. I want something back! I want to ride on trails!

    Which leads me to THE question: who out here has experience with such a coalition in your state? Some states already have such an agency that works with government, and other states may need one. We have elected officers and will approve and adopt corporation bylaws next meeting.

    What's your experience? Where'd you get burned? Where'd you gain ground? We are getting a lot of help from AMA, BRC, local BLM. I want YOUR opinions. Thanks... I think?
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    Mar 22, 2002
    Get in contact with Dan Nitzel from the Nebraska Off Hwy Vehicle Association
    Don't expect to hear much of a success story from him though. The state government here is apathetic at best, downright hostile at worst.
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    Mar 23, 2004
    We had an association called Volunteer State Trailriders Association that lobbied for trail riding areas in Tennessee. Ironically, the booklet they mailed out to members each year cataloging available trails became smaller and smaller until they conceded defeat and dissolved.
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    NOHVCC seems to be a good group to connect with for dealing with government. http://www.nohvcc.org/ There are a number of states which remain unrepresented or under-represented. This behind-the-scenes organization offers a real and significant for a cooperative effort with the BLM & Forest Service, as well as state and corporate land managers.

    I have seen a number of good ways to expand the use of public lands for OHVs. However, to advise you I would have to know more about your specific situation. Even then I would probably limit my comments about some of the methods to a phone call. Hate to get my powder wet by showing it in such a public forum.

    This year's Ozarks Fall Color Tour riders (last year too) received a BlueRibbon Coalition membership. I think they are a strong advocate for public use of public lands across the US. http://www.sharetrails.org

    Many times, I find that off-road clubs have a narrow view regarding the areas they ride. (The old attitude: "These trails are ours.") It is only thru the expansion of the ridership and responsible use, that any use will continue to be allowed.