Wee-strom good bike for Continental Divide Ride?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by decodent, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. decodent

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    Would a Wee-strom be a good bike for the Great Divide Ride?

    I'm considering riding the "Great Divide Ride" this summer with some buddies. I just sold my KLR650 (didn't run so well after hitting an antelope at 75mph on it) and bought a Wee-strom.

    * What sort of riding conditions could I expect?

    * Any good onine resources you can recommend?

    * Tires are critical ... Continental TKC80's ... yes?

    * Soft-sided luggage is better than taking Givi boxes?

    Any suggestions you have would be mucho appreciated.

  2. Lone Rider

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    Run some TKC or other semi knobbies just in case it gets slippery. Otherwise it won't matter too much. You're only going to run so fast off road with that bike anyway.

    If it rains in some places, no bike or man will go. If dry, life is cool.

    Your only problem, assuming decent weather, might be minor ground clearance obstacles when there are ruts.

    You will have fun.
  3. MK96xj

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    Wee Strom should be no issue. Choose your lines accordingly and outfit accordingly

    AVOID antelope:D
  4. jonz

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    It's fine. You'll just be limited on side trips. If muddy, it might get interesting packing under the front fender.

    Mostly smooth forest service roads. Can be a bit nervy riding on the gravel - sort of like ball bearings, but you'll get used to it.

    Any of the ride reports here on ADV rider. I did it with Gaspipe and LVrider and I like our report. :deal I don't have the link but it shouldn't be hard to find.

    Sounds good. You'll definitely want a more agressive DOT knobbie like that.

    Definitely. With minimal precautions, the soft bags are secure enough and won't break your leg when you dab.

    Exercise your smile muscles cause you're going to be riding for days at a time with a sh*t eatin' grin, and that can be fatiguing.