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    Ride Reports: Epic Rides: Lasting 7 days or more
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    Photos: Motorcycle related photos forum

    Ride Reports is an amazing place, don't you think? Whether it's the pics you take to record your trip, or the wonderful prose to tell your story, or the effort it takes to put it all together for all of us to enjoy (and for many of you, English is your 2nd language!), the passion you have for motorcycle riding and telling your stories truly stands out and is what makes Advrider so special. Ride Reports is the jewel in the crown of ADVrider! :thumb

    Since we now have two ride reports forums, use Ride Reports for long trips, lasting a week or weeks or months, where reports tend to be long and contain many pages. For shorter trips lasting less than a week, use the Day Trippin' ride reports forum. Photos forum: Motorcycle related photos: Lots of photos, and no chatter.

    To keep Ride Reports as popular as it is, the Moderators of this forum have jotted down these rules.

    1. Be polite, and keep it civil. :D

    • Keep vulgar stuff and nudity out of Ride Reports. Many riders invite family members, friends and work colleagues to view their reports. Please don't offend them. Many of us also, ahem, view these reports from work, please don't get any of us in trouble by violating our workplace rules. If you want to be naughty, do it in Jo Momma.

    •If you enjoy someone else's report and would like to make some positive comments, please do so. Don't step on a person's report with a multi-picture reply of the time "I was there, too!" Certainly, a response with a pic or two can build on someone's report, but much more, then you should be writing your own report. And remember, if you have nothing nice to say and nothing positive to contribute, kindly :stfu and move on.

    • Don't disrupt a person's report with personal attacks. If you have a beef with the author, discuss it using private messaging (Start a Conversation), or if you must, post it in Jo Momma. We promise you'll get an impartial reception by 40 thousand very articulate inmates there. Pissing matches will not be tolerated. You puke, we nuke :ban

    2. It's about Motorcycle Ride Reports :ricky

    • Not about a car, truck, tuk-tuk, train, quad, snowmobile, airplane, helicopter, bicycle, ski, skateboard, walking, jogging, business trips, pets, or animals. Did we miss any? If you have some of these, post'em in one of the forums listed under "Fluff".

    •Ride reports ought to be personal, not a copy and pasted link to someone else's report, blog or site.

    •Ride reports in the Ride Reports forum should have a beginning and an end. Let the Original Posters tell their story: It's their ride report and it's their observations to make as they perceive them. Their perceptions are a reflection of their personality and mindset and not necessarily "the absolute truth". This is why Ride Reports is the only forum on ADV where public rebuttals are not permitted, as this will only fuel a pissing match. If you don't like it, don't read it. Absolutely no political posts in Ride Reports, use Jo Momma: Church, State & Money for political posts.

    3. Inmates have asked us to find a way to increase the signal to noise ratio in ride reports. We have added the LIKE button. We want you to use the Like button instead of posting "Subscribed, I'm in, Nice, etc.." It makes it a lot easier to read the OP's story without having to skip through dozens of posts that essentially say "I'm liking your posts". If the OP is reporting on an ongoing as-it-happens ride, s/he may not have the time or an internet connection to post a timely update; please do not clutter the thread with noise; "bumps" , "where's the OP" "I miss you" posts etc..; there's a good chance they will annoy others and will be punted to improve the signal to noise ratio because inmates want to hear from the OP and not you! When quoting the OP's posts, to minimize bandwidth use for fellow readers, please do not quote photos. It slows loading for inmates using mobile devices and clutters the thread with duplicate photos. Such posts will be deleted.

    4- Off-topic and idle banter will be pruned and punted at our discretion. If you want to tell the OP about yourself or ask questions start a Conversation. If you're thinking of traveling to the same destination, please contact the OP through private messaging.

    Never-ending threads are considered personal weblogs (blogs) and will be closed, or moved to a more appropriate forum. We invite you to visit the Inmates forum if you wish to post a blog, where you and your viewers may indulge in personal details and idle banter.

    5- •Don't start threads asking about bikes, trip or destination information, or looking for riding companions: " What's a good bike or hotel in ... or do you know of a motorcycle tour operator or motorcycle rental in... or who wants to join me on this ride". These belong in the appropriate Bike Forums, Regional Forums or the Trip Planning forum. If you post these here, we'll move them or nuke them. If you're looking for riders to join you on a planned trip or looking to meet local ADVers, go to the Regional Forums and select the forum for your area.

    6- Do not ask for cash donations in your ride report, regardless of the cause. Your ride report should be all about sharing your travels, not a means to obtain funding for your ride or project. Do not post links to sites where you're asking for donations or sites that monetize traffic from ADVrider.com We're not splitting hairs, We know spam when we see it. :ban

    Selling or promoting books, T-shirts, hats, worry beads, dealer-sponsored speaking engagements and presentations, tour operators etc... in Ride Reports / Day Trippin' is strictly forbidden. You may promote your goods or services in the Vendors forum only. Do not pimp such projects in Ride Reports. No exceptions.

    7. Please don't start a ride report thread with links to your personal blog and/or social media accounts telling us to follow you there. ADV inmates don't like clicking on external sites and come to this forum to see and read ride reports, not links to other sites. Such threads will be deleted. This is an English language forum, we expect posts to be in English.

    Everything we have listed is merely common sense and politeness. But because the Ride Reports forum is so important to AdvRider, the Moderators and ADV Administrators will take a Zero Tolerance attitude towards these violations. We will edit, prune, delete, ban, and/or move individual replies or even entire threads.
    And let's not forget this one: Mod decisions are final, don't whine about it. :marc

    These 4 basic rules apply in all forums:

    1. No pimping your goods or services outside of Vendors.
    2. No personal threats or threats against political figures.
    3. No porn! (No nips or genitalia. Must be wearing an article of clothing.)
    4. Be civil. Don't be an asshat and harsh the ADVenture for others.

    Breaking the rules can result in loss of access to some or all of ADV forums.

    If you see something that doesn't belong here or violates the posted rules, click on the Report this link and let us deal with it.

    Everyone really appreciates the time and effort required to create and post all of your reports. You reinforce the wonder of why we ride and help to make this place the best motorcycle forum in the world.
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