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Welcome to Tajikistan, to Pamir!!!!!

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Farik, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Farik

    Farik n00b

    Dec 1, 2014
    Hi all, I'm Farkhad, the local person from Dushanbe (capital of Tajikistan) I'm head of bikers here, we call us tajmotowave))) non club. I'm the person who help all travelers going or coming to from Pamir. Many of you maybe know me, because I help a lot during this season)))) see pictures of tourists in my site: tajmotowave.com or tajmotowave.tj

    Just information for you who are planned travel to Tajikistan:

    There are person who can help you any time in Tajikistan,
    There are moto garage with all tools and mechanic person, there are oil here for all kind of bikes, we can maintain all kind of bikes, only problem with spare parts, we have to order them.
    There are free help for getting permission to go to Pamir,
    Thee are free help to register person in Tajikistan (person have to have registration in OVIR in third day in Tajikistan)
    help on meat person, information on conditions of roads on Pamir, Maps, SIM cards with internet, info about overnights on Pamir, in Dushanbe, cheap overnights, clubs, restaurants, petrol, etc

    Also there are Bikes for rent and bike tours to drive to Pamir Highway or around Dushanbe, you can fly to Dushanbe, get the one week tour with rented enduro bike and fly home, not necessary to drive more then 5000 km to visit Pamir)))))

    Visit my site, there a lot of help and useful information related to Pamir Highway, maps, overnights points, gps points, ets

    Call me by phone : +992 918 61 35 37
    Email: farik2002@mail.ru
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  2. Farik

    Farik n00b

    Dec 1, 2014
  3. smithpa68

    smithpa68 Adventurer

    Oct 21, 2012
    Cumming, GA
    All ADV riders. Fyi. Farkhod is all he says and a lot more. I just spent two weeks riding through the Pamirs with him. He is THE motorcycle man in this area. He has a shop and a bike club that are passionate about bikes and adventure. If you are in this area and need help. Reach out to him.
  4. rallioso

    rallioso boGSer

    Oct 15, 2007
    Harz Mountains (Germany)
    Hi Farik,
    both of your homepages do not run... :2cry