West Of Phoenix riders?!

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    Too funny

    I was married to a psycho "English" redhead for 10 years.

    I ain't scared!

    All kidding aside. Having never ridden a Ducati I wasn't sure what to expect. The bike felt great sitting on it and it had a Sargent seat which fit my buttocks rather nicely. I gotta tell ya. This thing is easier to ride than my Tiger 800 was. Highway is a ton better and slow and super show riding is easier on this bike as well. U turns are quite a bit tighter also.
    Even though this bike has 50 or more hp and double the torque. The way the power is delivered, even in sport mode. It's delivered so smoothly and predictably, you would think you were in a different mode/less hp. And maybe that's what you're getting at? This bike lulls you into a false sense of security the way the electric suspension & motor work together to deliver the hp then, if your not carefull, Bam! Bites you in the buttocks?

    I will say this thing has brakes like no other bike I've ever ridden. It's got major hp but it's also got the brakes stop it.
    (Thinking back and not knowing any different until now. The brakes on my Tiger were absolute crap compared to this bike. 2 totally different class of bikes all together)
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    A beauty ride safe.
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