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Western Turkey, 23Dec12 to 04Jan13

Discussion in 'Asia' started by ChrisUK, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. ChrisUK

    ChrisUK Been here awhile

    Dec 25, 2004
    God's Own County
    Hi guys
    This autumn/winter/next spring I’m doing a little tour in instalments around south-eastern Europe and western Turkey. In October I rode to Bulgaria and parked my bike at Doug’s in Idilevo. I’ll return there on 22December and head towards Turkey on 23rd. I’ll probably head for the Black Sea coast at Burgas and then head south, ideally avoiding any snow.

    I’m very likely to be in Istanbul for the Christmas period. For New Year, who knows?

    I travelled through wonderful that part of the world in late 1999 and it’d be great to check out some old haunts ( http://www.thebrightstuff.com/ch2.htm and http://www.thebrightstuff.com/ch3.htm ) and ride some new roads, very likely to be hugging the coast where it might be a little warmer (?!)

    Anyone in that part of the world and this time and want to drink a beer or cup of tea?