What do you do if bike is stolen on a trip/journey !

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by JoeFab, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Just guessing but most likely a police report about the theft is probably enough to get the caret bike.
    However if it is a corrupt country then you may need to pay a bribe... depends of the country I guess

    Any specific country in mind ?

    TUCKERS the famous james

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    I had an open TVIP for a bike in Mexico. I kept it open. The bike was stolen in the USA. Presenting the police report from USA closed my TVIP. I only found out when I went to get another TVIP on a subsequent ride. Old TVIP was expired. I DID NOT get charged the deposit.
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    You mean carnet? I had a bond for the carnet at our local Automobile Association, it was on a bank account, that only they could release. Bike gets stolen in a carnet country - yep, I think there could be a fair bit of (extra!) frustration awaiting you. But with the police report, I think the AA would have released the bond back to me eventually. Probably would not happen very fast.
    Luckily I never had to find out, how it would REALLY work...
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    I worked out that over the last 50 years or so, I had spent almost 10 years combined on holiday in other countries*. I am yet to loose anything. Am I doing it wrong?

    Not counting the 3 years I worked in Germany or the 1 year in Pakistan.
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    I had a Honda trailbike stolen while on a trip many years ago (1982!), fortunately I had my gear off the bike at the time.

    Once I’d got over the initial “I’m sure I left my bike here!” moments and searched under every rock and leaf (in the manner of Don Juan & Don Genaro - I was reading Castenda at the time) I posted some gear home and carried on with my trip on foot with a rucksack. I was a poor student with no money to buy another bike.

    I have to agree with several posters in this thread, at the end of the day, it’s just ‘stuff’. My bikes are very precious to me, but I don’t have major money in them. So laugh it off, suck it up and somehow get on with your trip if you can!

    Postscript: About a year later I got lucky. The Police contacted me to say they’d recovered my bike, the thief got sent down for 6 months! When I went to pick the bike up I found the guy who’d taken it had fixed a number of issues I’d been ignoring so, after replacing the ignition switch, my bike was in much better order than when it was nicked!
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    The OP asked what to do if bike stolen on tour. As some have already said, that will be determined by where it happens, how much money you have and how resourceful you are.

    I believe a focus on understanding / preventing theft is useful:

    No one wants your piece of crap touring bike. Bike thieves want sport bikes/popular bikes.

    Meth heads will steal anything that can be easily removed from your bike (tank bag and contents, GPS, etc) and sold for quick dope/money.

    If you have a desirable bike out there while touring, bring it into the room with you or say goodbye to it before sleeping. If it is a boring touring bike, lock it and cover it and sleep well. This has worked for me for ten years of moto-touring worldwide.

    You must have full coverage theft and road towing insurance to sleep really well.

    You need enough cash or usable credit card to enable trip disaster recovery without calling Mom (or wife) and begging.

    Final Advice: If you park anywhere in Amsterdam, a good sport is to lock your bike and then walk away to the nearest corner out of sight, then turn around and observe your bike. Within a few minutes some scumbag will walk up to your bike and try to remove anything that you forgot to take with you. This also works pretty well in most large cities in Europe. So, don't park on the street in most large cities. In Brooklyn, NY you can even stand next to your bike while dirtbags steal stuff....
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    Nobody ever steals a VStrom, problem solved.
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    Trips over go home
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    Several years ago I was in a town in central Mexico. I was at the bus station and a couple walked in wearing ridding cloths. I started talking to them and they said they had been town to Panama and were headed home to Colorado. They had been in town for a couple of days and their bike was stolen. They made a police report and were headed home on the bus.
    Doesn’t hurt to have a plan B. It also doesn’t hurt to park your bike where you can chain it to something that won’t move and put a cover over it. They will always take the easy fast target.
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    I'm thinking that a bike cover with an alarm will serve me well....I have an alarm that has a pin similar to a grenade, pull the pin and it screams a high pitched alarm. sometimes attached to the cover and sometimes to the wheel spoke and fender, if it rolls it pulls the pin. also I leave nothin on the bike, everything goes inside and never stay at a "seedy" motel, better to pay a little more just for a better night's sleep. I too hate thieves. :pep
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    What can you do other than report the theft to the police and find a way home? I suppose the best course of action to follow would be to have a plan, before you leave home, to get home if your bike is stolen, wreaked or suffers from type of failure that would prevent you from riding it. If my bike were stolen my first priority would be getting home. So you have to decide which mode of transportation, plane, rental car, bus or train, you want to use to get home and make sure you have the funding to pay for it. Know what assistance, if any, your insurance company offers if you're stranded and file a claim immediately. Look into roadside assistance programs and what services they provide if your bike is stolen.

    Prevention of course is the best solution. When I travel I know in advance where I'm going to spend the night, I then read reviews of hotels in the area and find out which areas in a town/city to avoid. Whenever I stop to eat or spend the night I always try and park my bike where I can see it. The further away you are from large metropolitan areas the less likely it is you'll have to worry about your bike being stolen.
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    Or my badly banged up, crappy paint job, 150‘000+km R1150GSA... frankly... last summer I managed to forget the KEY in the ignition, in one of our largest cities here...
    over night.... and for a day.... and I was sort of excited and yet disappointed, when I figured out where the key was (in the ign. lock) and the bike was still exactly where I had left it. best theft protection ;)
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    Regarding the advice that thieves only care to steal Harleys or sport bikes, the younger criminal crowd has taken a liking to dual sports in recent years. There are lots of music videos where it shows roving groups on dirt bikes and ATVs rolling through city streets, and this is something people want to emulate.

    So just saying.. don't assume our weird bikes that nobody recognizes are safe from thieves. :lol2
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    if you are in a 3rd world country, the insurance bought at the border may not be of any value.
    at home a AAA premium card will cover up to 1500 trip interruptions as will travelers insurance but at a higher level, lock it, alarm iy, cover it, put it in the room at night.