What Happened to Irish Murph?

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by Sidewise, Feb 3, 2018.

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    Saddened by Hubert's passing it got me thinking of those near and real, and also all those keyboard companions willing to share their adventures online. There have been no posts by Irish Murph on his blog since Feb, 2014. My fears are it is something tragic, does anyone know what has happened to him? Those not familiar with his photography and adventures may enjoy reading:

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    We are only tracks in the sand...........until the next wind blows .
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    I remember finding the Murph's blog and reading it until it stopped coming.
    Much like Hubert , Murph relished the cold rides . he made a lot of friends on the way and seemed to be doing well at keeping his demons a bay. His photos were high quality , but , maybe the money in didn't keep up with the money out . Life on the road is expensive.
    I hope someone see's this thread and fills in the mystery.
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    His last Facebook post was also February 2014. I spoke to his cousin about a year ago and although he said they had not been very close, he thought he would have heard if anything had happened. I just sent him a text to ask if any news. I met Murph during his Ft. Lauderdale days. He seemed to relish the warm rides too. He had a character hard to forget. I truly wish we would get an answer on his status. And of course that he is ok.

    To add. There is this video on You Tube from almost a year ago which does appear to be him selling his 79' Honda CB 750 K Limited.
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