What I need to improve in my gear for long travels in Europe.

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Buy Jacket and Pants for waterproof specific?

  1. Buy Waterproof Jacket and Pants

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  2. A Waterproof Kit would be fine

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  1. BrunoZanoelo

    BrunoZanoelo Born in Brazil, DNA from Italy, Living in Canada

    Apr 1, 2018
    Hi my friend, I recently bought the Dainese MIG kit and the helmet HJC IS-Max 2 Dova Helmet.

    I saw that the MIG kit is NOT waterproof, you guys think that I must buy another jacket and pants that are waterproof or just the waterproof cape to use above is ok?

    Plus, should I buy Tall boots or short boots?

    Dainese MIG Pants
    Dainese MIG Jacket
  2. chasbmw

    chasbmw Long timer

    Feb 19, 2006
    Bath Uk
    Europe’s summers can be very variable

    Mesh gear is not used much as far as I can see and as Europe is a big area covering a number of different climate zones...........

    But expect temps from 35c to 5c with varying amounts of moisture..... it can rain a lot
  3. usgser

    usgser Long timer

    Nov 6, 2005
    Westside WA
    How much do you like your "massive mesh airflow" gear? Prolly cheaper to buy additional pull-on over gear for cool, wet conditions.
  4. nickguzzi

    nickguzzi Long timer

    Feb 17, 2010
    below the sea
    Depends when and where you are going to ride. And weather is always a lottery.
    High summer you will be glad of the mesh. Get on to a mountain top and you will want more. Several of us here have experienced snow storms at high altitudes in August.

    The usual would be a mid layer to go under the mesh for when it is cool.
    A rain layer on the outside - obviously to keep you dry in rain, but also your final layer for extra warmth - it will at least protect you from some of the wind chill.

    On the guzzi I wear a light jacket and that suffices for 90% of the time. The bike always has waterproofs on board, includes over boots and over mitts. Sometimes I have had to ride the 1200 miles home in proper rain.

    If you find your gear too cool, there are lots of places selling fleeces for not too much that you can wear under your jacket.
    Europe is not the back of beyond.
  5. Lajning

    Lajning Been here awhile

    Apr 22, 2017
    Mesh gear is fine. Find some good rain gear that can add wind/water protection for colder/wetter days. Keep a good middle layer in your luggage and you'll be set. Unless at high altitude, sub 15 degrees Celsius should be very uncommon during summer.
  6. PaulTim2000

    PaulTim2000 Been here awhile

    Mar 24, 2015
    Leicester UK
    Last august I left the Aosta valley in Italy to fog and cool, damp morning (heated grips needed), met dry cool sunshine in France which got hotter as I descended the mountains, comfortable, sunny, weather as I rode north until the afternoon thunderstorms threw down an enormous volume of, warmish, rain. By the time I reached Reimes and strolled into town for champagne and dinner I was in T shirt and shorts.
    You'll need some waterproofing, whether that's an additional layer the put on when needed or built in with the inevitable sweating problems in hot conditions is your choice.
    I prefer to keep going so wear a unlined waterproof jacket which I can add layers under if needed but that's just personal preference.
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