What Influenced the purchase of your Motorcycle?

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What Influenced the Purchase of your Motorcycle?

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  1. Magazine Advertisement

  2. Television Commercial

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  3. Internet Advertisement

  4. Personal Choice, no outside influence

  5. Friends Pressure; It is what everyone I know rides

  6. Comparison of Technical Specifications

  7. Top MotoGP or other Racing Brand

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  8. I liked the way it looked

  9. Cost, Price, Money

  10. Brand Name Allegiance

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  1. nomad_games

    nomad_games Long timer

    Jul 25, 2013
    Denver, CO
    option #8: it's Japanese, was cheap on craigslist, and runs. pretty much how I chose all 8 of the motorcycles I've owned.
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  2. markk53

    markk53 jack of all trades...

    Dec 20, 2007
    Delaware Ohio
  3. Hvymax

    Hvymax Been here awhile

    Sep 22, 2016
    La Plata MD
    KLR 650 was the only bike in the showroom with a flat seat that allows me to ride where I fit. (2-4" further back then the stepped seats) My knees were into the fairing on the Goldwing!!!
  4. Grinnin

    Grinnin Forever N00b Supporter

    Dec 10, 2005
    None of the above?

    Each purchase was because I thought each "new" (used) bike would be more suitable to the riding I was doing at the time and wanted to do more of.

    I can't claim it's the middle option because there were outside influences, particularly posts on forums.
  5. AZQKR

    AZQKR Long timer

    May 8, 2018
    The 2007 1200GT because it would be a rocket ship in the twisties, and I chose wisely when I found one with 17K on it last year.
    The 2012 1200GS because I decided I wanted to make the trip to the arctic and back on a bike from Az. and the GT's plastic would suffer too much damage and cost me an arm and leg to replace it all when I got back, and didn't want to have to go through all that on a bike that sits near new when bought and still sits that way today under my ocd care of it.

    The Ak. trip cost me a warped rotor and new pads on the rear. Something got caught up in the works and overheated the rotor, or it was the application on a panic break of the abs that did it coming home through Calgary when I got cut off in rush off traffic at 45mph. Either way, the bike performed flawlessly, and still with the damage to the rear brake set up cost me $1K's less than replacing the GT's plastic.

    I've ridden mostly full dress harleys and GW's in the past, but I've had a few rocket ships and now I have the best of both worlds depending on what I want to ride that day. Never been an off road type, but I'm really interested in exploring the back roads of Az with the GS even this late in the game. The GS serves several purposes and at the same time is as comfortable as any full dress bikes I've owned.
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  6. allowishish

    allowishish Boof Master

    Dec 7, 2014
    Denver...ish, CO
    my current bike went like this...

    someone did a hit and run that totaled my 1200GSA (it was parked)
    I thought I was going in to buy a new 1200GSA but also wanted to look at the 800GSA

    Really wanted to like the 800...hated it. Loved the 1200 GSA

    for poops and giggles test rode a R9T scrambler....
    spent an hour trying to decide between the scrambler and the GSA

    I likened the difference to the GSA was like my wife, absolutely perfect for me in everyway. whereas the scrambler was like a "suicide girl" might not be right for me but it would be a LOT of fun to ride.

    after an hour of indecision I went with the one that cost $10k less
  7. RVDan

    RVDan Long timer

    Jun 4, 2010
    Abbotsford British Columbia Canada
    A thread on Advrider convinced me that the XR650L was the most awesome bike ever created.

    The piston melted down with only 5000 km on it. Now at 25000 km I think the cam and rockers are burned out. It handles poorly on and off road. Overweight and underpowered.

    My VStrom I bought because I had fears the Honda wouldn't make it all the way across the country.
  8. oldtouring B

    oldtouring B Been here awhile Supporter

    Oct 9, 2009
    Al Ba Jerky. NM
    Buying my Street Triple was influenced by these factors in order of significance.. Condition- aftermarket accessories- price- location- sellers background..

    Since I never buy new, these are all based on a used bike.
  9. CaseyJones

    CaseyJones Ridin' that train

    Aug 10, 2010
    Western Montana
    Price (NOS) and recent experiences with Kawasakis.

    The good, the bad, the ugly. I'm in financial binds; I want to continue riding; I got in a pinch; and there was a new 2014 Versys for the same as KBB used.

    It is a compromise. Chassis is all it should be. Engine needs refinement and the controls scream CHEAP!!.

    Things not getting better, I'm in further compromise. But, comparing the Kaw chassis to the Wee-Strom and before that the CB1100...hands-down winner. Engine is more potent than the much-vaunted Suzuki vee, also.
  10. Night_Wolf

    Night_Wolf Leg Humper

    Feb 17, 2006
    Lat: N 90°00'00" Long: N/A
    2006 Suzuki S83 aka VS 1400 Intruder; purchased in 2012 with 582 miles as a toy. It's always been the bike I truly "lust" after & replaced the 2nd 1400 Intruder I owned & then sold to finance my move West to Alberta; as my good friend told me before I sold the 96 "sell the bike, you can always buy another" Still trying to make it my vision of perfection

    2014 Honda CB 500X purchased to play alongside my 2007 Wee Strom. Easier to toss in my truck when hauling the camper & wanting to be able to ride too. After a year of owning the 500X & enjoying the hell out of it I made the decision to sell the 07 Wee. Only missed for the extra room when travelling with The_Filly & the loss of power when getting out to pass when 2-up

    2017 Honda GROM purchased on a whim as I figured it would be a "gigglefuck" to ride & it hasn't disappointed. All but officially belongs to The_Filly now since she took rider training this year. Hope to put a big bore kit (143 cc) in it this winter to give it a little more power & hope to pick up a 2nd for me to enjoy
  11. IT Hunter

    IT Hunter Adventurer Supporter

    May 4, 2017
    Milano, Italy
    I was looking for an easy and very, VERY light motorbike to restart to ride after dozen years driving cars.
    I decided for tìhe Borile Multiuso, less than 90kgs, 230cc, 11hp at the rear weel 100km/h. Everithing more than enough for me because I restarted to learn to ride.
  12. Owen Snell

    Owen Snell Been here awhile

    May 21, 2008
    Gainsborough, UK
    Husky TE630. Went on specs. I'd been riding a R1200 GS then a R90/6 and was ready to go back to an oil head GS but the weight was bothering me. Then started looking at an F800 GS and realised that I wasn't saving much weight, so started to look at other options. The Husky came up on UKGSER and looking at the specs, it fitted what I wanted, so I bought it - first ride was the ride home. Pleased with my choice, most of my biking is local / commuting now and the Husky fits the bill (fitted with 17" SM wheels at the moment). It is so nice to have a light bike that is easy to move around, nimble to ride and fits a tall rider.
  13. motu

    motu Loose Pre Unit

    Dec 28, 2001
    New Zealand
    At 16 I got a job, and needed to get to work.
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  14. PaveMint

    PaveMint precious bodily fluids

    Aug 3, 2014
    I'm tall. I bought the 1190 because it fit, and I wanted a twin.

    I really wanted a Speed Triple. Too small.
  15. dtysdalx2

    dtysdalx2 Knowledge is horsepower...

    Aug 1, 2004
    Moneyapolis, MN
    I can afford it.

    And it really goes too. :p3rry
  16. NZRalphy

    NZRalphy I'm not half as good as I think I thought I was

    May 14, 2011
    South of the North, NZ
    Simon & Lisa 2ridetheworld wrote that about being knocked off the bike and walked away due to the BMW cylinder and hard alloy bag taking to impact..... ill take some of that, and bought the same!
  17. klaviator

    klaviator Long timer Supporter

    May 28, 2008
    Huntsville , Al
    I picked my bikes based on what I thought would work best for me and price. I have 4 bikes at the moment. In each case they filled a need and I thought they would be fun to ride. In one case I was considering multiple bikes and price was the deciding factor. I also consider things like reliability, comfort, performance, ease and cost of maintenance and local dealers. I prefer to buy from local dealers I can trust. That gives some brands an advantage over others. I make my decisions based on research and also a test ride in most cases.

    Advertising really has little influence on me. Looks do play a factor but I don't just buy the bike I think looks the best.
  18. CDRW

    CDRW Been here awhile

    Feb 20, 2016
    SLC, Utah
    I probably would have been better off listening to an advertisement. I bought mine on specs and then spent a lot of money trying to turn it into a bike I like. I mostly succeeded, but at the end of the day, I still had more fun on my last bike.
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  19. rtrider

    rtrider Lost

    Mar 9, 2004
    My latest purchase the short answer is: I didn't want to buy it too heavy - too expensive.

    The long answer is:

    My 2005 R1200RT was not getting ridden. There was too much crossover between that my St4s and I always opted to ride the Duc. That and at the last service they said there was too much free play in the rear flange and needed $750-1k buck of work (I told them to skip it). And the fuel strip was shot - all good arguments to get rid of it - to a dealer not a private sale. :lol3 Of course, this was really just an argument in my head as I knew if I privately sold it, I probably wouldn't replace it with anything and go down to one bike - but to a dealer on trade - just an excuse to keep two bikes.

    So I had my heart set on the KTM 1090 Adv R. But when I got to the dealer, I decided it was too tall for the majority of the riding I do around town, in NYC etc. So I hummed and hawed at the dealer looking the 1290 Adventure S. But in the corner of my eye was the bike had told myself I didn't want - too big ... too expensive.

    But as I looked at the 1290 and even the 1090, I realized that for all intents and purposes, the other bike was really not THAT much bigger. In reality - its not that the bike is too big, its just that I had fond memories of my lighter bike days with a ducati monster 750, and and F650GS and told my self I was going to go lighter than the RT. Well so much for too heavy.

    And too expensive. But it was heavily discounted as last years 17.5 model year. The more I tried to walk away to other corners of the show room, to the KTM's, the Ducatis, the Triumphs, them more it pulled me back to its corner. Until finally, 4 hours after I walked into the dealer, I could stand no more.. Handed over the key to the RT and took home my GS.

  20. DesertPilot

    DesertPilot Been here awhile

    May 18, 2014
    Mountain View, CA
    I used to be into sportbikes...

    ...then I came to my senses


    Also, the Tiger has the right number of cylinders..