What Influenced the purchase of your Motorcycle?

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What Influenced the Purchase of your Motorcycle?

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  1. Magazine Advertisement

  2. Television Commercial

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  3. Internet Advertisement

  4. Personal Choice, no outside influence

  5. Friends Pressure; It is what everyone I know rides

  6. Comparison of Technical Specifications

  7. Top MotoGP or other Racing Brand

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  8. I liked the way it looked

  9. Cost, Price, Money

  10. Brand Name Allegiance

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  1. Amphib

    Amphib A mind is like a parachute....

    Sep 19, 2018
    I can relate to this. Last August I made the decision to return to riding. I had only had cruisers in the past and wanted to try out more of an adv bike. My last bike was a HD sportster which I got into a lot of trouble in taking it off road. Was never a fan of forward controls. The riding position was not friendly to my spine. It did teach me a lot though. I remember talking to a much more experienced rider about wrestling it through twisties describing my technique .. He's like " that's countersteering! You know most people need to be taught that.!"

    Through lurking here reading about all the offerings, ST, vstroms, Africa twin, ktms, bmws, I knew I just had to pick one. I was looking at used bikes and thinking about purchasing in February. The local Honda dealership made me an offer on a new 17 manual AT that I couldn't refuse. This was after an ST and vstrom 1000 were sold before I could even put my hands on them.

    I love the AT and think I'd feel the same regarding all the bikes I was trying to look at, the process got me back on a bike sooner.
  2. Barry

    Barry Just Beastly

    Oct 4, 2002
    Fredericksburg, Va.
    No outside influence...

    2011 KTM 990 Adventure R

    Wanted a large bike I could ride real off-road stuff with, or go across country. The big KTM is it. 10" of suspension travel front and rear, and 120 hp. I have hard luggage for it, soft luggage for it. The bike is much more capable off-road in very hard terrain than I am currently capable or comfortable riding it. The street manners are surprisingly good even with very aggressive knobbies. Other than weight and seat height (36" seat height, I'm 5'9") the bike is literally a do-it-all.

    2007 KTM 950 Supermoto

    Wanted a full size naked bike for road use, and if warranted, track use. Read a lot of reviews on the KTM 950 SM. Suspension got good reviews, brakes got good reviews, overall just a lot of good press on the bike. Bonus I bought it without ever riding it from a buddy with 2500 original miles on it - BONE STOCK. Piped it, jetted it, de-smogged it, removed a good bit of weight in the process. Went down a tooth on the countershaft sprocket. Great naked hooligan bike.

    2006 KTM 525 EXC - plated

    Plated dirt bike... Drove from VA to Ohio to get it from original owner with 500 mi on it. Could have been sitting in a dealer as new and I'd have believed it. The guy only rode it on pavement. I had a 2004 400 EXC with no plate, loved it, and figured the only way to make that better was a bigger motor, and being street legal. The difference between the 400 and 525 is shocking once you let the 525 eat off-road. The 525 is stock save for a JD Jet Kit.

  3. steingar

    steingar higher life form

    Sep 27, 2010
    2012 Honda 1000r: I had to have a sport bike, too dangerous in my locality without. But I couldn't ride super sports anymore. Too hard on my aged frame. I had seen the CB1000r before and really liked its Italian lines, and the Honda build quality didn't hurt any.
  4. windblown101

    windblown101 Long timer Supporter

    May 17, 2010
    Star Tannery, VA
    If buying new the quality of service and support from the local dealer is huge in my book. Motorcycles are expensive and I won't buy one from a dealer that sucks because the warranty won't be worth the paper its printed on unless the dealer stands behind what they sell and has the expertise to fix any issues that might arise.
  5. Englishfury

    Englishfury Adventurer

    Nov 12, 2018
    Had a couple of mates that wanted bikes and I hadn't really considered getting one, and after talking with a co-worker/friend who rides I decided to give the learners course a shot and see if I like it.

    I liked it, Got myself a bright yellow GS500F (friends brought new 300 Ninjas) and after a few years I felt that adv itch and am now kitting out my DR to give that a shot.
  6. Dixon

    Dixon wannabe mechanic, mad scientist

    Nov 18, 2018
    Tacoma, Washington
    I saw my '80 Xl185s, she looked good, sounded good, rode well and most importantly.. I could afford it. I hadn't ridden in a decade, figured the size of it would be perfect for me. It's worked out really well for my back road adventures.
  7. MidasTouch

    MidasTouch Been here awhile

    Apr 12, 2015
    all the people saying "personal choice no outside influence" are delusional
    you mean to tell me that 0.0% of tv/mag/internet advertising works? damn, that trillion $ industry is just wasting their money!
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  8. Englishfury

    Englishfury Adventurer

    Nov 12, 2018
    Ive never seen an ad for either of the bikes I have owned. Nor my dream bike.
  9. windmill

    windmill Long timer

    Feb 18, 2008
    Kent, Washington State
    The few bikes I've purchased new, 883 Sportster, RZ 350, YSR 50, Ducati Elephant, KLX 650, V-Star 650, Ural were not prestige, or flagship bikes that had lots advertising, or media attention. They're the bikes typically found in the back corner of the dealership, so no, not delusional.
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  10. Norty01


    Jan 30, 2014
    Wanted to try a triple.

    I always thought~ A gixxer 600 engine in a YZ 450 frame that's street legal would be awesome!

    Well, it isn't really a Gixxer 600, but it IS an 800 triple that's rev happy.

    And it really isn't an aluminum frame with a foot of quality/progressive travel on both ends, but it's got 10.5" of mediocre travel.

    Does it do asphalt as well as a Gixxer? Nope.
    Does it do dirt and doubles like a YZ? Nope.
    Both are a compromise, for sure.
    The 2 added together add up to the best combo for me, that I've found, on a large dealer network's scale.

    Now, if it only weighed 100 pounds less than it does...(If I'm gonna dream, make that 250 lbs!)

    Oh yeah, influence?
    That pesky dealership made me take a "test" ride on the Tiger...
    (They're smart there, you know?)
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  11. Jarlaxle

    Jarlaxle Bregan D'Aerthe

    Nov 2, 2014
    New England
    Don't watch TV, don't read MC magazines, never actually seen an ad for any bike I have owned...so no.
  12. Oilhed

    Oilhed MarkF Supporter

    Oct 17, 2003
    My Guzzi, my third bike, a V65SP, I bought sight unseen. Never even saw a review or met another owner before hand.
  13. r60man

    r60man Long timer

    Mar 14, 2013
    Centralish PA
    1975 R75/6 - This bike was my Dad's at the time I had a R60/6 that I had rode a ton, converted it to 750ccs and basically loved. But when Dad died I wanted that connection to him and so I "bought" that bike from my Mom. I have now owned it longer that Dad did.

    1993 K1100RS - One day riding to work on the bike above I lost my front master cylinder suddenly, no warning, just a gush of fluid and no front brake. Big time pucker factor but I was able to get to work and home OK. But it got me to thinking about how I was riding the old girl into the ground. Things were simply wearing out. I needed a bike that would be reliable and trustworthy as well as fun. So I started searching. I really liked a Kawasaki that was out at the time. 4 cylinder, power, bags, etc. But they would not let me test ride, because "no one does". I refused to plunk down several thousands of my hard earning dollars without ever riding the thing, so the search continued. I found the used K1100 at a BMW shop. Could I ride it? "Sure take it for a week and see if you like it!" So I did, and I did. Went well, had hard bags, protection from the weather, and it was cheaper than the Kawasaki that I couldn't test ride. It now has close to 100K mikes on it and runs awesome.

    1974 TY250A - I went to a vintage trials event with some friends. We spent the entire time saying, "I could do that. and that, and maybe that with some practice." So the three of us went out in search of a vintage trials bike. One guy is a Hondaphile and he went and found a pristine Honda Reflex from the day. It looks brand new, and does still because he refuses to ride it. The other guy went the European route and got himself a restored Bultaco, which he rides, but not enough, and he never gets it dirty. Me? I bought a clapped out TY250 from an inmate. It was used hard and put away wet. I fixed it up, got it looking good and running well. Then I started riding it and doing trialsey things with it. Yes, I could do that, only every time I do my knees sweel up to the size of small watermelons, too many past injuries. So that bike is for sale. Anyone want to buy it?
  14. radmann10

    radmann10 Derf Supporter

    Apr 29, 2014
    Phoenix, AZ
    When price and opportunity present themselves!
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  15. P 0 P E Y E

    P 0 P E Y E Bald rider Supporter

    Nov 13, 2008
    southern Connecticut U S A
    Barry made me do it. He’s the one in the line up with the bandanna covering his face.

    Not only did he create and post (free) cross Training and other informative vids, he introduced me to Traction E Rag which pushed me over the proverbial edge.

    2019 six days 300 TPI Yeah BABY
    Meglamaina sets in...Thus....Barry and friends killed and buried my black dog....Priceless.
  16. High Country Herb

    High Country Herb Adventure Connoiseur

    Apr 5, 2011
    Western Sierras
    It was a couple items that my old bike lacked that drove me to a new bike. My old bike was a 1983 Honda XL600R with a semi supermoto conversion (18" front wheel). It was amazing on secondary highways, twisty roads, and dirt. It lacked the top speed to travel California interstates, where traffic flows above 80 mph. It also lacked enough power to ride 2-up comfortably, since my wife and I together outweighed the bike. At the time, we were riding 2-up more often, and I wanted to travel farther from home.


    I lusted after the first generation Ducati Hypermotard, but once I sat on it realized it was too small. On a chance encounter, I ran across the Aprilia Doroduro 750 concept bike at the International Motorcycle Show. Once I sat on it, I knew I would own one. I had to be patient for it to come to market, and even then it was out of my price range. A couple years later, I snagged the last 2009 on showroom floors, at a huge discount due to its 3,800 demo miles. My wife said the passenger ergos were worlds better than my previous bikes.

    Shortly after getting it, though, she decided she was tired of being on the back, and wanted her own bike/license. She rode the XL600 for a while, but could not kick start it no matter how hard she tried (not many people could). If she stalled it at a light, I'd have to get off my bike and go start her's for her. No good. So, we sold the 600 and she chose an electric start DR350. She loves it, but we are back to the same distance limitations due to its 70 mph top speed.


    Now that she's got a few years under her belt, she's looking at the BMW G310GS, which will do 90 mph. I have to say, I am now tempted by the BMW F850GS. At some point, we might have a matching set.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. scottrnelson

    scottrnelson Mr. Dual Sport Rider

    Apr 3, 2006
    Meridian, ID
    I bought the KTM 990 Adventure after a test ride. I only had to ride it a few hundred feet before I was thinking "I need to get me one of these!"

    I looked at ALL of the adventure bikes when I was ready to get my next one and just about every one of them was likely to be a disappointment for dirt riding compared to the 990. I really wanted a 790 Adventure R, but couldn't wait another year for that one. I checked on the Africa Twin as a possibility, but the same dealer that sold those told me they would sell me a 1090 Adventure R for less and I knew that it was one bike that wouldn't be a disappointment compared to the 990, so that's why I bought it. Other than being a little taller, a little heavier, and putting out more heat, it's better in every way than what it replaced.

    I studied the magazines, checked the bikes in person, and checked what I could on the internet before the purchase. Now that I own the bike, reading comparison tests that include it just make me smile, because it always comes out ahead for the kind of riding that I like to do.

    Gratuitous photo of it:
  18. Project84

    Project84 I can haz adventure?

    Jun 19, 2013
    Florence Y'all, KY
    My first bike was a 2000 Ninja 250. I purchased it because I had some spare cash and thought I'd buy it (damaged) and turn $1,000 into $1,500. Hell yeah! Little did I know I actually ended up enjoying riding so that lead to wanting a bigger bike, but I was scared to step up too much from a 27hp 250.

    I ended up loving the look of the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom and since it was like 60hp and sat so low, I figured it would make a good stepping stone as a second bike. Belt drive, Japanese reliability, 20k mile valve intervals, fuel injected. Hell yeah! Except then I learned how any more than 3 hours on it would hurt my hips and back like crazy.

    What's more comfortable? Looking at YouTube I found a category called Supermoto but didn't really understand anything about it other than hell, it looks like they're sitting really upright and having a blast with all those wheelies! So I looked and looked and fell in love with the butt ugly KTM Duke II. Found one locally and made the deal! Hell yeah! Except, apparently it takes a level of talent to actually do those stunts, and the emergency room bills got expensive, as were OEM parts to fix my bike!

    Okay, I've had a 250 Ninja, did the cruiser thing, have barely survived this supermoto thing. I'm ready for a sport bike! But I'm still a chicken shit with a mortgage to pay so lemme go halfway into the category with an FZ6. Fun to wring it's neck but slow and safe around town. Hell yeah! Except, now I'm wanting to ride 400+ mile days and I'm 6'1" and kinda cramped on this thing.

    What's this adventure bike stuff I keep hearing about? People actually travel and tent camp off motorcycles? A friend bought a KTM 990 SMT which ruined me tremendously on a few swaps. I didn't want knobby tires, and his bike had 17's and street rubber... so what about this sport touring stuff? I want the SMT but damn, entry price is $9k+ and my own KTM experience has lead me to fear how expensive these damn machines can be. The Tiger 1050 has the same specs as the SMT 990 but weighs a bit more. Can't be all that bad...

    Now I've done 30k miles between owning 2 of these Tiger 1050's. Absolutely love them.

    So in order, what influenced my motorcycle purchases was:
    1) buying one to flip for resale profits
    2) wanting something a little faster than entry level but still plenty manageable
    3) wanting something more comfortable than a cruiser and the ability to do wheelies!!
    4) wanting something I'm not gonna kill myself on because I can't do wheelies!!
    5) wanting something more suited for long distance riding at back road hooligan speeds
  19. crossbones

    crossbones Been here awhile

    Nov 28, 2007
    Owned three different 1200 BMW models: C, GS, KLT.
    Had another GS on perma-loan.

    The R1200R had been singing to me as a new bike after having sold the other three a couple years before.
    Had the money!
    Test rode a couple...
    Simply too small for me.
    I was devastated.

    Was driving by a KTM dealership in 2016. Said, "hmmmm?"
    Had never really looked at a KTM before.... thought they were that ugly orange bike that crazy people buy.
    They kindly let me take a Super Duke and a 1290SA for a spin.
    Went home on the SA, laughing hysterically the whole way.
    I never considered a really fast bike before....I still don't really drive fast...
    Really really like having a chain.
  20. _CJ

    _CJ Rugged Individualist

    Dec 29, 2010
    The 719
    I love my Beta 125 RR-S

    No advertising, that's for sure.
    Nobody I know owns or rides one
    ADVrider.com had a huge influence though. Never would have known the bike existed if somebody didn't suggest it.
    Had to special order it, as the local dealer doesn't stock it
    I started a thread looking for light, cheap, don't care about power bike, and it came up.

    Two seasons later, it's still the right bike. Even after the Beta demo tour, and riding every other bike they make, it would still be my first choice all things considered. I was incapable of riding single-track before this bike, now it's all I want to ride.

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