What tools do you carry on your bike

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    Jun 21, 2015
    I am doing more and more trail riding and need to start carrying tools, plugs etc with me

    what are the essential tools you carry?

    i am thinking about a Weea socket set with a 24mm socket for tire changes. When I wiork in my bike that is my go to kit
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    I might forget some things but I think this is it.

    zip ties
    screwdriver (flat and Philips)
    electrical tape
    set of torx drivers
    set of hex drivers
    small adjustable wrench
    large adjustable wrench
    pipe wrench
    Stanley knife
    some straps, strong enough to tow or lift the bike

    some replacement bolts and nuts

    no tire stuff, I will just call roadside assistance, they will be there in 15 minutes, saves me the hassle
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    Jun 26, 2007
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    Here is my master list of everything that goes with me on the bike at all times including tools, spares and misc. items. It may seem like a lot, but all total it weighs under 15 lbs not counting the hydration pack stuff. It all fits in my tank bag and under the seat and lets me do 99% of repair, adjustment and maintenance jobs on the bike. I tend to fall into the Boyscout/"be prepared" camp, but I have done my best to whittle the list down to exactly what I need for my bike (2015 F800GSA) and find the lightest weight, most compact options. If you are doing trail riding off the beaten path, you can't rely on roadside assistance to bail you out. Of course, all of these items are 100% useless without the knowledge and ability to use them. I do all my own maintenance and I use the tools on the bike to do it so I know I have what I need. I can't take credit for most of this list--it is compiled from others that I found here plus a few of my own tweaks and notes.

    1/4" Ratchet
    1/4" Extension (Required to remove Idle Air Control Solenoid - ⅜” extension won't fit)
    10mm Allen Socket (Oil plug, cutoff short to check steering bearing torque without removing handlebars)
    ⅜” Stubby Ratchet
    ⅜” to ¼” Drive Adapter
    ⅜” Universal Joint/Swivel Adapter
    ⅜” x 3" Extension
    4mm Punch (Brake pad removal, Head stock bearing removal)
    6pt Socket - 10mm (Wunderlich adjustable shifter, Motor bolts?)
    6pt Socket - 13mm (Bash plate, Crash Bars?, Clutch Adjustment?)
    6pt Socket - 16mm (Rear sprocket nuts? Handlebar mount bolts)
    6pt Socket - 16mm or 5/8" Thin Wall Spark plug (Motion Pro socket and extension)
    6pt Socket - 17mm (Front axle)
    6pt Socket - 21mm (Swingarm pivot bolt & nut--wrench won’t fit)
    6pt Socket - 24mm (Rear axle, Oil drain plug (Older models) Top engine mount bolts?)
    6pt Socket - 8mm or 5/16" (Seat latch assembly)
    8" Crescent Wrench
    Belray Grease in small container
    Bit Driver Handle (small Wera)
    Magnetic Bit Holder/Extension
    Folding Hex Tool (metric sizes 2.5-8mm)
    Mini Torx Screwdriver with Bits (Husky --T8, T9, T10)
    Multi-Tool (Leatherman w/ sheath)
    Philips Bits (PH1, PH2, PH3) (Turn signal, License plate bulb covers, Barkbusters)
    Slotted Bits (S6, S8, S10)
    Small Metal Ruler (10cm for chain adjustment)
    Toolbag (small zipper pouch)
    Torx Bits, 1/4" Adapter, & Holder (T10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 30, 40)
    Torx Socket - E8 (Gear shift lever)
    Torx Socket - E12 (Front brake calipers)
    Torx Socket - T45 (Body, Exhaust mount, Fork axle pinch bolts, Controls?, Triple clamp? Handlebars?, Luggage rack?)
    Torx Socket - T50 (Chassis bolts, Kickstand)
    Torx Socket - T55 (Upper Shock Bolt, Engine mount bolts, Bar Ends?)
    Wrenches 5/16" or 8mm, 10mm, 7/16" or 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 5/8" or 16mm, 17mm
    17" and 21" Tubes (vacuum sealed with talcom powder)
    Inner Tube Patch kit (in small plastic box)
    Motion Pro 24mm Wrench/Tire Spoon Combo (Rear axle, use 2nd tire lever as breaker bar?)
    Motion Pro 3/8" Socket Drive Adapter (24mm) (for wrench/spoon above)
    Motion Pro Tire Spoons (x2)
    Tire Air Compressor Pump, hose, cable (small Slime pump with plastic case removed, in Ziploc & bubble bag)
    Tire Mounting Lube (Ruglide in small bottle)
    Tire Pressure Gauge (digital)
    Valve Stem Core Tool
    Spare brake, clutch, & shift levers
    Wheel bearings (3X in Ziploc)
    Alcohol wipes
    USB Adapter Plug with phone charging cable
    Small Dry Bag (for electronics inside tank bag)
    Gorilla Tape
    GPS Mount Cover
    Paper Map(s)
    Nitrile Rubber gloves
    Owners Manual/Registration/Insurance cards
    Quarter (for helmet shield/peak removal)
    Repair Kit (wire, alligator clips, fuses, zip ties, hose clamps, electrical parts, JB Weld Steelstik, sandpaper, SS wire, paper clips in Ziploc)
    Sharpie (mini size)
    Small pen & paper
    Spare batteries for headlamp/flashlight (AA, AAA)
    Spare keys
    Spare Valve Caps, Stem Nuts, and Valve Cores & cotter pin
    Spare Ziploc bags (gallon size for trash, quart size for wallet & electronics)
    Small child's toothbrush (for chain cleaning)
    Clear Siphon Tubing (5/16" x 6ft)
    Trauma Shears

    Additionally, I generally carry a hydration pack with:
    first aid kit
    space blanket
    Snacks (Clif bar/trail mix)

    It's nice to have these items in a separate pack so I can take it with me when I'm away from the bike, hiking, or for an emergency.

    For long trips or extended travel away from civilization I might consider adding:
    Chain tool with spare links
    Small jumper cables
    GS-911 or OBDLink with Motoscann app
    Additional spares (bulbs, fuses, sensors, spark plugs, fork seals, etc.)
    Tow Strap
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    Mar 3, 2013
    Netherlands a.k.a. flatland
    Nice list. Yeah I live in the netherlands so would love to need that list of items, but in reality I am always less than 1 km away from a paved road :muutt
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    As usual, it’s never a one size fits all deal. Everyone’s situation is different and no reason to take things you know you are never going to need.
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    I put these on the back tire of all my bikes