[What's up with] Soft Motocross Boots?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by GoGoGavin41, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    ~15 years ago I had a pair of Fox motocross boots. They were very rigid, and seemed very protective as a result.

    I've had a pair of Sidi Adventures for the past ~6 years. They're definitely less rigid than those old Fox boots, but still quite firm and protective. In the process of getting hit by a car a few years ago, my leg/foot got squished between my bike and the car, and I think it damaged the car more than my foot (foot was fine).

    I've been wanting some more protective boots for technical riding and had my eye on the Fox Comp 5s - pretty standard entry level motocross boots. They felt like slippers. You could literally fold them in half. Tried on some lower end Alpinestars (Tech 1, 3, and 5), and although they were better than the Fox pair, they were still very soft right out of the box.

    Now I realize the flexibility allows for better dexterity on the controls, but it seems like they're giving up a lot in the protection area with how flexible they are.

    I'd love to drop $0.5k on a pair of Sidi Crossfires, but I was hoping to find something with a lot of protection at a more manageable price point. Are slippers all I can expect to find in this range? As a side note, I did try on a pair of O'Neils which seemed to be made out of sheet aluminum, so maybe on the other end of the spectrum.
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    I like my tcx boots. Which are plastic but have a littl hinge in the ankle. IMG_20160218_112049.jpg

    They review well but are an uncool brand so you get them a bit cheaper.
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    My Forma Dominator with the hinge design offers hardcore protection and enough flex to use the shifter. Got them for $100 off on sportbiketrackgear.com
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    After a year of use my Sidi Adventures are still as stiff as iron. I wouldn't be able to walk in them without the ankle hinge. Which I like on the street and for most dual sport riding. But they suck for technical trail riding because of that.

    I still prefer my ancient baseball glove soft O'Neal boots for times when I need to feel the shifter. They still won't let my ankle bend sideways. That plus keeping my toes and shins from getting smacked are all I really care about offroad.
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    Forma Boulder Boot. I like them better then my Aerostich Combat Touring boots. The Forma Boulder Boot feels so good, so secure. Much less expensive...very high quality.