When do you call it quits?

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Colorado Ron, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. mikegc

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    Sep 29, 2008
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    I'm 72 and I cannot seem to get enough of riding. I left home on June 17th and returned last Saturday, July 20, and, frankly, I'm ready to roll again. I meet so many good and interesting people when I travel! I feel like I'm getting and education that's far superior to what I've ever gotten in a classroom. Yeah, my left shoulder needs surgery and I've got to get my third hernia fixed but that's just maintenance. I'll probably get one more good three or four week trip in before I deal with that stuff. I'm going to ride until I cannot.

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    Dec 28, 2007
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    I'd had the feeling of not riding lots of times it hasn't happened in over 5years now, I will always ride but in a different capacity. But more recently I decided no more big bikes and only stick with small bikes. Currently a Monkey125 and will get a SuperCub when available. I'm thinking maybe a cb300r or a R3 not not sure about those. I also got a Miata last summer because it's part of this plan of not riding big bikes, need some fun off the bikes even small ones.

    So one thing I could suggest for those that are thinking of hanging it up is to hang up the big bikes and try small bikes. Slower speeds more leisurely pace. My Monkey gives me a carefree fun while big bikes give a thrilling fun which safety always looms. Not to say that the small bikes are not dangerous, they are but the level is much reduce because of what they are capable of.
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    I've had a deer run into me 3 times in the last 3 years. The most recent was a pretty bad time for the wife and family. I'm having a hard time justifying getting back on a bike; to myself as well as the family. When the doc told me that he was going to pull those chunks of bone out of my spinal cord, and he didn't really know what was going to happen, changes things. Here's my ride report on what happened: https://advrider.com/f/threads/more-wildlife-than-charlie-sheens-seen.1394267/

    My bike was totaled and I bought a replacement bike a few weeks after I got out of the hospital. I still haven't sat on it yet. I keep fiddling with it in the garage but I'm not sure if I want to get back on it. I just don't know how to avoid another stupid deer. I wear ATGATT to the highest level I know and the damn deer just don't care.
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    Jun 3, 2018
    When I owned the 2006 Gold Wing, the first mod I installed was a pair of PIAA 910 lights with 100Wbulbs, each. Since the GW came with LOUD horns and stock four headlights, I figured I was set for night riding.

    I eight years of riding that Wing, with four high beams and two 100watt auxiliary lights blasting the roadway, I never had a problem with deer running across the roadway into me.

    I think they were too scared by all those lights and loud horns to even venture out of the bush.
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    I’ll quit when I’m not mentally sharp enough to mitigate the risk of riding with the focus it requires to stay safe. I always tell people if you like to space out driving then a motorcycle isn’t for you. Spacing out is a matter of time before you get killed or injured.

    That’s my criteria for quiting. I’ve had more cars pull out in front of me and do dumb things than I can count but always felt reasonably safe by being very aware of what’s in front/behind/sides of me and watching every.single.time a car is in a position to pull out i check it’s wheels for movement and prepare to break/avoid while also planning an escape route. When I feel I can’t keep alert enough to do this, I’m done on a motorcycle. It certainly is far more demanding than driving a car where you can get in low speed accidents and be fine.

    I also don’t understand why people aren’t just as afraid of driving, scores of people die everyday doing it. Automobiles just remove the sense of speed and sound, it’s a false security.