where to stay in TX?

Discussion in 'Tejas and the Gulf States' started by Gerst, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Gerst

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Durango, CO
    At the end of the month I'll be heading on my first extended mc trip from Durango, CO to Houston, TX to see the family. I'm looking for a town to shoot for on the night of my fist leg. I normally drive my truck Durango, Albuquerque, Lubbock and catch hwy 36 the rest of the way (love 36). I'd like something different but don't want to add too much time. I need to be in Houston late afternoon on the second day.

    Can I make it to the hill country in a day? Any towns with a must go to roadhouse or music venue? Anyone know of a show to see on 4/24/09.

    On the return trip I'll be heading out of Brenham going to Greenville (NE of Dallas) any hwy recommendations?

    Finally I'll head from Greenville back to Durango and I don't see anyway to make this interesting in two days, I hope I'm wrong.

    Thanks for the help.

    ps: I don't have internet at work so if I'm slow to respond don't take offense :lol3
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    Speed through Greenville and it will get really interesting.
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    Fredricksburg has all kind of lodging and Luckinbach is just a little south of town. There is usually something going on behind the store. Check their wedsite. Also, in Helotes, just outside of San Antonio there is a restaurant called Flores Store I think that has live music certain nights of the week. Austin has something going every night of the week but getting around the traffic can be a pain. I would stick with Luckinbach, its not crowded and its a nice ride out in the country. Good vibes.
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    You might also want to give www.couchsurfing.com a look. I have met some really great people in my travels, and it saves you a lot on lodging.
  5. FotoTEX

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    Luckenbach is a must do. Great Motorcycle hangout, live music, people, BBQ, etc. etc. Also a classic dance hall on Sat. nights. Gruene TX. dance hall is also a classic. Anything west of Austin is superb Texas riding. If around Leakey Tx check out RAnch Roads 335,336,337 or as we know them: 3 Twisted Sisters. The Frio Canyon MotorCycle Shop is a cool hang-out.
    Enjoy your ride through Texas and next time you see a Texan in Colorado you might just see why we love Texas. And Colorado in the summer.