Which app do iPhone users prefer?

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  1. QueensHorseman

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    Apr 17, 2017
    I used maps.me on my 7 in Europe (Italy, France, Belgium) and it worked great with my phone on airplane mode, so no data required. Full disclosure though, I was either walking or driving in a vehicle and sadly not on a motorcycle. Only consideration is that you need to download the required map areas onto your phone while connected to wifi and good signal on the road can be a challenge. I would recommend this app if you can plan ahead and download the area you need before your trip. I really like the feature of saving (pinning) points of interest, where you are staying, etc ahead of time. The app is free and appeared current with good features like finding stores, gas, etc nearby.
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    Nov 2, 2009
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    I used Pocket Earth in South America for months and loved it. Recently it doesnt recognize some roads (Lukeville AZ to Santa Ana Mex) and wants to take me a different route unless I add destinations in short increments. Dont know what they've done but time to move on.
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    Jun 28, 2014
    WAZE is the only app I need on the interstate. If you have a 'heavy' right hand , it will save you $$ - with police location sightings, as well as road hazards, traffic, construction. (Impossible to contribute on a bike, but you can vote up or down on hazards/police). Amazing how accurate/timely information is. Also does basic navigations (like google maps).
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    Yep, Waze plus a Valentine 1 is the only way to blast down the interstate in a cage! Waze gives you great routing and crowd-sourced police and hazard sightings, while the Valentine 1 alerts me to moving radar or newly established speed traps. Plus Waze does a pretty good job of showing gas and food stops that are coming up on your route.

    I just got my first big bike and am researching between a new Garmin or an iPad mini for navigation. Really leaning towards the mini so that I can use Waze when I need to make good time, and I'm researching Rever and Leadnav for the off-pavement and track support.
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    May 29, 2015
    couple of questions please.

    1. when we talk about no data usage does that mean it is a GPS only app and is effectively different than something like waze and gmaps?

    2. is an "off road" app the same as saying a GPS only (no cell app)? i mean one user says they only do slab and use such and such app and another says they do off road and use another app. what exactly is the distinction?

    3. i have a GPS only phone with no data plan. i guess i could use one app for my phone with cell service and use this primarily on slab where i get reception (say gmaps or waze?!) and use another app on the gps in the otterbox with the GPS only phone?!

    4. is one app or another better for very very remote areas with no cell?

    5. i'm finding garmin zumo to be excruciating to use with routes (like i can't get them into the device on mac os). can i use the garmin just to locate myself in the wilderness? say while referencing paper maps?

    6. anybody got a link for offline downloading of maps to google maps and a link for importing a gpx file to google maps?

    7. anyone using navigon?

    thanks for any iphone specific help with this.