Which computer? Basecamp?

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    BaseCamp on a 27” IMac runs like crap. Really hard to navigate the map, zooming in/out is slow, dragging the map is slow. Drag, wait for it to move, drag, wait for it to move.

    I can’t remember it being this slow 2-3 years ago so must be the updates. Certainly not a performance issue with the IMac hardware.

    Mac vs PC. Personal preference, recent Mac laptops have keyboard issues, fixed on the new 16” model but that isn’t cheap. If you already have a PC you may have to find equivalent software on the Mac if already paid for licenses. One thing is you can run Windows on the Mac with Bootcamp or parallels.

    Earlier this year I brought a $200 Samsung tablet to plan routes on the road with Locus Maps as can copy gpx files to set cards from it. Turned out far better than using Basecamp. Samsung A Tab is crap compared to the IPad I have but using it just for Locus it’s a good route planning experience although complex to set up at first.
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    I've had similar issues with base camp on i5, i3, and i7 hackintoshes.... they'll run an emulator or virtual machine, and even 4k 60fps video editing, but basecramp is ewwww