Which Garmin Auto GPS will work with Basecamp

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    I spent last evening searching for threads that would answer my specific question but was unsuccessful. I am sorry if this question has been asked before. I am looking to purchase a new Garmin Automotive GPS that I can use in my car as well as on my bike. Can anyone tell me what Garmin Auto GPS's will work with Garmin's Basecamp? I asked this question to a number of Garmin reps at Americade and I got a number of different answers. One told me that only the Zumos work with Basecamp and others told me there may be auto units that would work but they weren't sure which model. I have tried to call Garmin directly and I have been on hold for 35 minutes plus each time. Thank you.
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    Check the Garmin Montana. Not just a 'car gps you can use on your bike', it's also a 'bike gps you can use in your car'. :lol3 and it works well with Basecamp.
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    At the Garmin website you can compare features of the automotive gps models. Home » On the Road » All Road Products » Automotive » 2012 Line

    My guess is that BaseCamp will work (in the sense of creating routes for/sending routes to the gps) for any of the gps models that will accept routes. All the *current model* Nuvis with 4-digit model #'s accept routes according to the comparison table, but the skeptic in me would verify that through online reviews at Amazon. You can compare discontinued models also. Good luck with your shopping!

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